A Girl for All Time: Clementine, Your 1940s Girl

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Know that feeling when someone catches your eye and doesn't let it go? For me, that someone was Clementine. Compared to other dolls she was a few shades more vibrant, more beautiful, and full of personality. Before I saw her, I thought all dolls were pretty, but next to her they all
Clementine's Winterseemed dull and just so… ordinary.

Maybe it was her bright red hair, or maybe it was because her attire was so quaint and old fashioned, or maybe it’s her distinctly British charm, but whatever it was, she really couldn't help but stand out. I knew right when I met her that she was going to be a lifelong friend for my children.

Clementine is the newest doll from A Girl For All Time, maker of beautifully crafted dolls, accessories, books, and more. Each of their beautiful 16in dolls are based on 500 years of the fictional Marchmont family and feature independent, determined women from different eras of the most exciting times in English history.
A Girl for All Time dolls
One look at their website and I was immediately smitten by their exquisite collection of dolls with their beautifully detailed faces and their accessories that looked like something from a museum. It’s not surprising to me at all that A Girl for All Time can’t keep these dolls in stock over in London. The dolls sold out in a mere 10 days at the famous Harrods luxury department store and are selling well now that they have arrived Stateside at FAO Schwarz and a handful of New York boutiques.

But, as much as I loved Matilda, the Tudor girl, and Amelia, the Victorian girl, there was something about Clementine that enthralled me. Clementine is from London in the 1940s and survives the evacuation of London in 1939 as a 12-year-old. She comes in a historically inspired dress with vintage daisy pattern complete with period accessories and trim. After reading her captivating background story online, I knew she had to come home for tea with us. 

A girl for all time tea party

Once Clementine arrived, I debated whether she should stay in the box because I knew she was bound to be a collector item. But, in the end I decided that the joy my kids would get playing with her was worth opening up the box.
A Girl for All Time Clementine in box
After she was out of the box, I was even more in love. To describe her as pretty is a vast understatement; Clementine is a true work of art. From her gorgeous blue eyes, painted lips and her beautiful outfit and accessories, she’s got personality and style to spare. Seriously, just look at these accessories!
Clemetine Accessories
Once I had her out and was able to feel how well she was made, I realized that although she was definitely display-ready, she was also play-ready and could definitely withstand my children’s gentle play. She is crafted from a high quality vinyl that is satiny smooth, and she even has articulated elbows and knees and moveable neck so you can pose her and play with her in many ways.

A Girl for all Time Clementine
Since Clementine arrived, we’ve already had numerous tea parties with her and I have started talking about her unique story with the kids. They love that she comes from London, where many of our travel stories and pictures that decorate our walls come from, and I love that it’s a great starting point to discussing the role their great grandfathers played during WWII, who were both in London during different times.

Clementine tea party
I’m looking forward to purchasing Clementine’s book when it’s available in the States so we can truly delve into her story and make the doll that much more special to them. While they might be a little young now, once they are ready I look forward to discussing how the war must have felt to 12-year-old Clementine and how scared and alone she must have felt while fleeing her home and her parents.

The many looks of Clementine
There’s no doubt to me that Clementine, Your 1940s Girl, will be cherished for years and years to come. First as a toy and then as a beloved companion as they learn about history together, and finally as a collector’s item and reminder of hours of their youth spent playing and learning.

A Girl for all Time love
It's no wonder that A Girl for All Time dolls have been collecting distinguished industry awards for years. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awarded A Girl for All Time its rare Platinum prize for all three of its dolls and novels. Matilda, Your Tudor Girl was awarded a 2012 Preferred Choice title from Creative Child magazine. In the UK, Toy Talk Awards named them Best Doll of 2011 and 2012. Britain's Mum's Choice crowned them as a Top 5 Toys For Girls.

These breathtaking dolls are recommended for children aged 7+ and retail for $134.99. Storybooks and accessories start at just $9.99. Whether purchased for a lucky little girl or as a collectible, A Girl for All Time dolls and books are a solid bet for the holiday season.
You can find out more about A Girl for All Time and see their collection of dolls, novels, keepsake books, and accessories by visiting AGirlForAllTime.com and you can purchase directly from their online store. You should also connect with them on Facebook where they share crafts, patterns, tea party tips and more. I will definitely be doing this Clementime snowglobe craft with my kids this year!

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to A Girl For All Time for sending Clementine to adore. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours. 

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