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 I spend a good deal of my time at home in the kitchen. Whether I’m making dinner, washing dishes, packing lunches, or prepping snacks, the kitchen is where you will find me. My kids have seen me in the kitchen their whole lives and love to watch me cook and prep, so it’s really no surprise how interested they are in how things work in the kitchen.

This is why they are in love with their new play kitchen from Step2 that sits right alongside my real kitchen. They play with it every single day without fail and it’s become one of the biggest draws of our whole house that the kids flock to during playtime.

Lifestyle Step2 Kitchen
I love that they adore it so much, because I love to see them figure out everyday problems like how to make stew when all you have in the fridge is a few random vegetables because someone {ahem, the little one} took everything else for his picnic in the living room.

Step2 kitchen baking
I love watching them work out math problems by dividing foods and subtracting, and I love seeing them problem solve amongst themselves as they figure out how many foods should be allocated to picnics and how many are for the stew.

By Step2 Kitchen
After watching them play together so sweetly over the past few weeks, I’m a big advocate of play kitchens for every little kid. It’s amazing how it has sparked their imaginations and encouraged them to express themselves through cooking, preparing, and serving meals to everyone who visits their “café”. Everyone knows that I simply can’t resist a learning toy, and to me a play kitchen is one of the ultimate learning vehicles for young kids.  

Tea party with Step2
Of course, the kids don’t know all of this. They just know that the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen is fun to play with, and that’s all that matters. Just look at my happy little chefs hard at work.

Step2 Kitchen playtime
 And, who can blame them? Step2 makes the coolest play kitchens anywhere. All of their Kitchen selectorkitchens come with accessories and goodies to spare, which makes their already awesome playsets even more so. With a kitchen collection that covers a wide range of configurations, colors and design, I absolutely love the Step2 Kitchen Selector tool that helps you choose the playset that is perfect for your children as well as the best fit for your space.

The Step2 LifeStyle Kitchen comes with all sorts of really cool features that make the LifeStyle feel like a real working kitchen. With awesome touches like a bubbling cooktop that lights up to a removable phone and a beeping microwave, opening fridge and oven, and even a drawer for cutlery, the Step2 LifeStyle Kitchen is full of realism that both parents and kids can appreciate and makes the learning experience that much greater.

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen
We look for any and every way we can encourage our kids and involve them in our cooking routines, so we are always brainstorming ways to have them help with either prep or serving of food, and the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen has ample opportunities to do this.
The bright colors of this play kitchen may give it away as a toy, but the lessons they are learning in their very own kitchen are very much real life lessons that they can take with them as they transition into a real kitchen one day. 

If you're looking for the perfect kitchen for a small space that still has tons of opportunities for imaginative play, I would definitely suggest the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen. It may be small, but it's got lots of storage and room for two kids to play together cooperatively.

And, just look at all the awesome features that Step2 fit into this compact kitchen:

  • Electronic microwave, stove top and phone make realistic noises that kids love
  • Special frying pan and boiling pot accessories are included and activate boiling water and electronic frying sounds in stove’s front burner so children can pretend to cook a meal
  • Storage bin and pull-out drawer of the Custom Kitchen are perfect for storing accessories and play food
  • Storage shelf for dishes reminds children that clean up can be part of their make believe experience
  • Sink with faucet allows children to pretend they are washing their hands, dishes and cups
  • Includes 20-piece accessory set

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  1. I love so many of these products! I can barely bring myself to pick. I think I have to pick the art desk. My little one is a tiny Picasso, she paints everything in our house. I’d love to confine her brilliance to one room:)

  2. Hey! My husband and I just bought a step 2 kitchen for our 4 year old and we are looking for something to add on to provide extra storage and counter space. Is the little storage table to the left of your kitchen from step 2 as well? Where did you find it? 🙂

  3. My 2 daughters also have a Step2 kitchen. It is one of the best toys that they play with. It really encourages imaginary play between them. Plus, they have developed a love for cooking, like their mama. Also, the phone in the kitchen is also highly loved in our house too.


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