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Is everyone you know having babies, too? It seems like the past year has brought more babies than the past 5 years combined. And that, of course, means a whole lot of shopping for baby stuff.

But, where do you look when you want something more than the generic baby blanket, booties that the kid will never wear, or rattle? You start shopping at Memorable Gifts to check out their selection of personalized products that make finding the perfect new baby gift easy and fun.

With wooden name plaques, engraved jewelry boxes, piggy banks, plates, birth certificate holders and more, you are sure to find that perfect keepsake for any baby at Memorable Gifts.

Memorable Gifts collage
When I was offered the chance to review something from Memorable Gifts, I knew right where I would start searching. Since I love getting babies piggy banks, I was thrilled to find that Memorable Gifts carried more than the standard pig design and even had some I had never seen before.

Like this gorgeous pirate ship piggy bank I fell for with one simple glance.

Pewter pirate ship bank

I know quite a few babies with pirate nurseries and themes, so finding it came at the perfect time. I was extra excited when my ship was delivered super-fast and I was able to admire its beauty in person in a matter of days. And, once it was opened, I thought it was even more gorgeous in person.

It was shipped in a small box and was initially concerned about how small the boat would have to be to fit in such a small space, but was happy to find that the mast was unattached for shipping and I just needed to screw it to the ship upon arrival to almost double its height. It still wasn’t a large piece, but in my opinion, it was the perfect size for a small bank. And, since it’s a small bank, it would be perfect for a display shelf, bookcase, or even a dresser or nightstand, which is nice because I didn’t have to worry that the recipient wouldn’t have space for the new ship.

I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want this adorable ship with an engraved metal tag bearing their name? It’s pretty adorable!

Pirate ship bank
And, look how perfect it looks against the famous world traveler map wall.  Awesome, right?

Pirate ship bank on map wall
Of course, Memorable Gifts isn’t just about baby gifts. They carry all sorts of gifts for cooks, handymen, home décor, and more. Check out their vast selection of personalized gifts that could make any occasion memorable.

I know there’s been quite a few times just these past few months that I wasn’t sure what to get someone and had I checked Memorable Gifts first, I would have been done shopping in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe me? Search really quick for a gift for your next occasion – whether it be graduation, wedding gifts, newborn baby, business, birthday, anniversary, housewarming or just for no reason at all.

And, you can even use this coupon for a limited time to get 20% off AND free shipping!

Memorable Gifts coupon
Begin shopping at and don’t forget to follow Memorable Gifts on Facebook and Twitter.

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