Name Art makes personalized art as unique as your little one

With four siblings growing up, you would have thought we’d have a lot of personalized items to help keep everything straight.  But, instead of items with our names or monograms, we each had a specific color we always used to help us find our stuff.  While the color-coded system was practical, it wasn’t always fun. 

After over a decade eating off the blue placemat, out of the blue cup, and hanging my stuff on the blue hook, I really longed for something that was a little more… personal.  Because of this, I have made a point to get my kids special items that have their names and truly reflect who they are as often as I can.

Name Art is a New York based company that was started for this very reason.  They specialize in truly one-of-a-kind items that help you celebrate each child with unique and personalized gifts.  From placemats to fine art prints, Name Art has a great selection of gifts and art that would be perfect presents for your little one.   


When I was contacted by the company with the opportunity to review the Name Art service for my little ones, I was incredibly excited.  I couldn't wait to start making special personalized products to match their personalities, especially when I saw how many options were available.

Really, calling Name Art personalized might be a little misleading to some as we’ve all seen products advertised as “personalized”, but there are little options to personalize apart from entering your name in the box.  With Name Art, it is truly personalized just for you as there are literally hundreds of ways to create your own masterpiece easily and quickly with 20+ hand-drawn and colored letter styles to choose

You start by entering the name you want to play with.

Name art start here
Then you choose whether you would like the mermaid, robot, angel, teddy bear, monster, dragon, fairy, or wizard theme.  Since my kids like just about everything on that list, I played around and previewed them all until I found the designs that we liked best.

Name Art themes
Once you select a theme, you can scroll right and left to choose which design you like best under each theme {most have 2-3 choices}.

From there, you can personalize each letter even further by choosing which variation you like best, what color you would like, and even small details like hair color and more.  This is especially cool for names that have repeating letters as you can change so many details in each letter that they look really different. 

Personalize the letter
Once you have designed your perfect name combination, you can now choose what you would like your Name Art printed on.  With bookmarks, placemats, name bars, fine art prints, stickers and more available, it’s easy to find the perfect product for your little one.
Personalize the letter 2
We went with a combo pack for each kid that included a name bar, art print, bookmark, and placemat so we could have some personalized fun for mealtime, for their rooms, and to label the kid’s doors.  The ordering process was easy and shipping was quick, and before long we were unwrapping each of the fun new personalized items and watching the kids go crazy as they realized that these were specially made just for them. 

Name Art placemats
And, since they have arrived, we have had so much fun with our Name Art gifts.  They eat on the laminated placemats at every meal and have even developed fun games they can play with their names as well as the letters that border the mat.  Since my youngest is working hard on recognizing his letters, the game of "spot the letter" is perfect for him, and since my oldest is working on reading, we use the letters around the edge of the placemat to point to as we work on spelling.   
Finding letters together with NameArt placemats

Another fun thing they love are the Name Art bookmarks that they put in their reading nook.  While neither child is reading chapter books yet, we are reading long books to them as a family a little bit at a time, so it's really cool that they each have their own bookmark with different color tassels so we can quickly find their special bedtime stories.

Personalized bookmarks
While I love the placemats and bookmarks, my favorite Name Art item has to be the gorgeous name bar that comes with a wooden stand for displaying.  With a laquered finish over the Name Art print, it truly looks like a work of art and would be perfect on the bookshelf, a desk, or dresser to personalize any room. 

We are going to mount our personalized name bars on the kiddos' doors to personalize their rooms {they don't come with hanging hardware so we are using Command Strips so it doesn't damage the door or the name bar}.  While it's hard to show just how beautiful the name bars are in person, I wanted to give you a close-up of the letters so you can see the depth of the name bar printing and how the letters really pop. 
Personalized Name Bar
Can you believe they are even more beautiful in person?  Well, it's true!  They are going to look absolutely gorgeous on the bedroom doors where we can admire them everyday as we go in and out and are sure to become cherished favorites long after childhood.

If you love personalized products as much as we do, you are definitely going to want to check out Name Art to see how many ways you can create a custom art piece for your little ones.  After ordering personalized products from many companies in the past, I'm incredibly impressed with every step of the Name Art process.  From the level of customization and personalization that you can do with each Name Art order to the gorgeous finished pieces, I was blown away by their attention to detail and easy and quick ordering all the way to their quick shipping and packaging. 

Ready to start the customization process yourself?  Simply visit Name Art to start designing and then choose what items you would like.  With prices ranging from $11 – $128, there's something for every budget that any kid would love.  Be sure to connect with Name Art on Facebook and Twitter to hear of their specials and deals {hint: there's one going on right now with a buy one get one 50% off placemats}.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Name Art gifts for sending a sample to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. I love that kids get super excited when they can call something their very own and don’t have to share with siblings !!

  2. I love that you can really personalize it within each category (I like the robot) and that it is cute and fun for the kids, but not overdone so you could still have it in any room


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