Oz The Great And Powerful out on Blu-ray and DVD today!

When I was young, I memorized every word in The Wizard of Oz movie.  And, to this day, every night before bed, my daughter and I sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” together as part of our bedtime routine.  Obviously, I’m busy cultivating a deep love for all things Oz at a young age. 

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And, now is the best time to be introducing her to Oz with the release of Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful that comes out TODAY on Blu-ray and DVD.  While I saw Oz when it was in theatres {and loved it}, I really wanted to watch the film over and over again to see everything I might have missed the first time, so I knew this would be one film we would definitely have to own.  When a copy arrived for review, I was so incredibly excited that we planned an Oz night to watch it.     

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If you have been hiding out under a rock and don’t know about Oz The Great And Powerful, here’s what you need to know:  Oz The Great And Powerful takes place in the land of Oz in a time before Dorothy and her cohorts, before the ruby slippers had their power, before the wicked witch was killed by a flying house, and even before the Wizard himself made Oz his home. 

Since I grew up with the 1939 classic, I was a bit worried about a prequel to my beloved Oz, but I am thrilled that the new film has the same retro feel of the original.  If I didn’t know better, I would never have guessed that there were over 70 years in between films.  This is the magic of Oz as it truly transports you to a different time and place and you forget that you've been brought there with the latest and greatest film technology.  Even from the opening credits and all the way through to the end, Oz is infused with the character I fell in love with as a girl. 

That isn’t to say that I’ve seen it all before and that Oz The Great and Powerful is stale or stagnant, in fact, quite the opposite.  Only Disney could take a beloved story and make it new and exciting again, but yet again they have succeeded.  Even though it felt retro and classic, it also feels new and current, which I feel makes it relevant to both new Oz fans as well as diehards. 

Speaking of new Oz fans, this new film is rated PG and is very family friendly, but there were some loud parts and some that were a bit scarier for younger children.  While I opted not to take my daughter to see Oz in the theater because of the loud noises and the fact that it was in 3D {she’s horrible with the glasses}, watching it at home was where we can control the volume and fast-forward when necessary.

Of course, she adored the movie as much as I did, and was completely smitten with Oz’s new sidekicks, Finley the monkey and the China Doll.  And, who can blame her, they are incredibly adorable and they live in a magical world with vibrant colors and creatures. 

You don’t have to go to the Emerald City to see Oz The Great And Powerful for yourself because you can buy it TODAY on Blu-ray and DVD!  Woohooo!

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Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Disney for sending Oz The Great and Powerful DVD to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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