Upgrading my wardrobe with a Simon Malls shopping trip at Northgate Mall Seattle

A few months ago I realized that almost every single pair of jeans I wear was either badly worn or had a gaping hole on the right knee.  The exception to this rule was my two pairs of “good” jeans, which I only wear a few times a month.  But, my pile of holey jeans isn’t because I am really, really hard on my clothes, it’s because I have only gotten two new pairs of jeans in the past five years {AKA my “good” ones}.

Distressed jeans
Pretty awful, right?  Hence, this post that took place on Facebook {edited for length and with names removed, but with the jeaneology comment left in for humor's sake} :

Jean personality test
This wouldn’t be a problem if I was a slacks and jackets kind of gal who only wore jeans on the weekend, but the problem lies in the fact that I wear jeans every day.  Whether I’m working, playing, lounging, digging in the garden, running after kiddos, or biking, I’m definitely wearing jeans.

Obviously, Nichole is correct, some serious shopping is definitely in order, and I knew just the place.  Remember a few months ago when the Northgate Mall saved my #SeattleBaby event I threw for expecting and new mom bloggers?  Well, now was the time to shop the stores for something other than kid stuff and hopefully get mama some new jeans. 

I will admit that I was giddy when I picked up the gift card from guest services at Northgate Mall, as I rarely do shopping for me these days.  I had been mentally planning my route all day long and knew just how I wanted to make my way to my favorite stores, so I was dying to get to the mall and make it happen.  If only I had known about the new Simon Malls shopping app, I would have simply planned my trip right on my phone for an even more detailed itinerary and shopping list.

Since jeans were the top priority and I have really good luck at Nordstrom, I decided I would start there and see what I could find.  One tour through their t.b.d. and Savvy departments and I found some really cute styles, but not exactly what I was looking for.  I ended up heading to Nordstrom Rack to check out their selection {yes, Northgate mall has both Nordstrom and The Rack… awesome, right?}   

Mission Jeans shopping
At Nordstrom Rack I found not only an awesome pair of jeans, I also found these adorable BRIGHT YELLOW flats.  It’s almost as if they heard me complaining that all I own are boring black flats and they created these babies just for me.  Comfy, easy to run in, and hard-to-ignore, it was apparent as soon as I saw them that these yellow shoes were it

Yellow shoes
Now that I had my jeans and shoes, I was technically done with my jeans mission and then some.  But, after daydreaming about this shopping trip all day, I had my heart set on a few other stores, so I continued on with my shopping plan and headed to Macy’s for accessories. 

Accessory shopping
While Macy’s didn’t have the turquoise purse I have been dreaming of, they had a huge selection of name brand bags in the sale department and I found 6 that I loved.  After getting help from some ladies in the accessories department, I finally decided on this little number. 

Purse from Macy's
Yes, I know, it’s black and I’m trying to get away from all the lack of color, but I couldn’t pass up the great deal and the fact that it has both a cross-body strap and shoulder straps.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I adore it because it can go from handbag to cross-body bag quickly, it fits on the stroller handle nicely, and for the fact that the lining is a light blue so I can see what is inside. 

After my card was spent and I was positively giddy with excitement over my new jeans, shoes, and purse, I could have easily called it a day.  But, I still had extra time and there was a big huge mall in front of me, so how could I refuse browsing for a bit?  Besides, I still was looking for more color, and I knew the perfect place to find it: The Gap, Fuego, and Rue 21.
Northgate Mall shopping trip
Once my shopping trip was complete, I almost had an entire new outfit to show for it.  Of course, each of the pieces can be worn alone on a daily basis, but there's just something fun about getting so many new things that look good alone and together. 
My new look
After I was all shopped out {which was mostly due to my large number of bags I was sick of carrying}, I decided to call it a night and meet the family to get some food and refuel for the ride home.  Luckily, Northgate Mall has a Red Robin, which just so happens to be the kiddos favorite restaurant, as well as a big Starbucks for hubby and I, because I think we all needed a break after our trip. 
Refueling at Northgate Mall
I was so excited with all my purchases that I transferred purses on the way home, just so I could carry my new bag for the weekend when I debuted my new outfit.  And, once my old purse was empty, I happily ditched it once and for all in the donation pile. 

As happy of a feeling as it was to ditch a purse that no longer worked with my lifestyle, wearing my new outfit out to the island the next day was even more fun.  I love looking down and seeing a bright pop of yellow, I love the dark wash of the Kut from Kloth jeans, and I love that my new purse is perfect for my days out – with or without kids.  

So, what do you think of my new look?  Much better than the holey jeans, right?  I'd say it was a good upgrade for sure!

Northgate Mall LookWith Mother's Day just over a week away, I know many of you are desperately trying to think of something for the special moms in your life, and I would suggest a Simon Malls gift card.  I know gift cards aren't the most personal gifts you can give to the woman who gave you life, but when paired with a card that says simply, "For all you do for others, here's something just for you.  Spend it on a new purse, a new necklace, a salon day, or spend it on clothing – it's up to you, just spend it on yourself" it certainly doesn't feel like an impersonal gift.  In fact, I know quite a few moms who would love to get that present this year to give them a good excuse to splurge on something that will make them happy.  Because, you know, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Simon Malls Northgate Mall for offering a gift card for me to get one new item.  I had so much fun and found so many bargains that I was able to get a few other things as well as quite a few that I bought that night.  As always, all opinions remain 100% ours. 

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