Karmin G3 Salon Pro Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron {Review}

As someone who doesn’t go to fancy salons, I’m always a little behind on hair trends.  In fact, I don’t think I even owned a flat iron until 2008 when I got a top-of-the-line model at the time.  Even though that doesn’t seem like that long ago, it really feels like flat irons have come a long way since then.  One look at the heat plates on my old iron and it is obvious an upgrade was needed, so I started shopping at Beyas Professional Beauty Products for a replacement.   

Damaged styling plates
When I got the chance to review the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Tourmaline Flat Iron from Beyas, the difference was immediately clear.  Even with the first use I was happy to retire my old iron and make the switch permanently to the Karmin G3. 

Karmin Professional Flat Iron
And, throughout the weeks I have been very impressed with not only how easy it is to do my hair all fancy-like right from home, but also all the little details that are definitely an upgrade from my old model.  The first thing I noticed was how smooth the tourmaline plates of the new Karmin iron are.  After just a few months of use, my last iron ended up with rough plates that didn’t slide across my hair as well and “dragged” a bit, which was especially bothersome when used for styling instead of just straightening. 

Perhaps this is because the Karmin takes the benefits of ceramic heat and ionic technology and combines them with mirror-smooth tourmaline plates.  I’m not sure if the new plates are to thank for my new silky and shiny hair, or if it’s something with the Ion field technology that is said to seal in natural oils or maybe it’s the micro-pourous technology that locks in moisture.

Karmin hair straightener
Whatever the reason, my hair just looks so much healthier when using the new iron.  Although the technology might be a bit lost on me, the way it styles my hair effortlessly and, most importantly, consistently, was not.

With thin hair I often get flyaways with cheap styling products, so I love that the Karmin doesn’t build up all the static that makes my hair look all frizzy.  With the infrared heat technology that helps my baby-fine hair hold a style, all of my issues with past stylers have virtually been eliminated.  Whereas my other flat iron and curling irons required a few passes before they could tame my natural wave, with the Karmin G3 I’m left with smooth and silky hair effortlessly with just one pass of the iron.

Basically, there’s a long list of features of the Karmin G3 Salon Pro flat iron that makes me love it so, starting with how quickly it heats up.  No more turning it on and waiting, waiting, waiting to do your hair; it’s almost instantly hot after flipping it on, which is a great time saver. 

Karmin Flat Iron
The next thing I love is that you can adjust your desired temperature from 120°C (250°F) to 240°C (460°F) with the twist of a dial.  Designed well so that your fingers don’t accidently hit it while straightening, it’s still easy to adjust when you need to according to what your styling needs are so you aren’t using excess heat that could damage your hair. 

I also love that even though it’s technically a flat iron, the 1” floating plates can also be used for styling, which is how I typically use it.  From beach waves to flip out styles, and even for big curls, you can do all sorts of things with the Karmin flat iron that you wouldn’t expect. 

Karmin Hair Starightener in caseAnother thing I love is how practical it is for travel.  The long length and 360 degree swivel cord is perfect for hotel rooms with only one or two outlets and the fact that it has Worldwide Voltage means you can even use it in different countries, which would have been awesome on any of our Europe trips.  Throw in the handy free little travel case, and it’s perfect for throwing in your bag and taking for a long vacation, or even just a long weekend. 

Karmin Professional styling tools
The fact that it’s foolproof seals the deal, with an automatic sleep mode and auto shutoff after an hour that saves my mommy brain from burning down the house {not that I know anything about turning on a flat iron and completely forgetting about it until the next day or anything}.

If you’re looking to make an upgrade or if you’re buying your first flat iron, you really can’t go wrong with the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron from Beyas.ca. You can follow Beyas on Twitter and on Facebook to find out more about their selection of pro beauty tools, and right now you can even get FREE worldwide shipping with any order!

Karmin Salon Pro Features:

  • Advanced 100% Pure Tourmaline Ceramic plates.
  • Professional grade heating element for flash quick heating.
  • Negative ions and infrared heat (removes static) for silky shiny hair.
  • Ion field technology (seals in natural oils).
  • Variable temperature settings for all hair types. From 120°C (250°F) to 240°C (460°F).
  • Tangle-free 3 meter, 360° swivel cord.
  • Drop Safe Technology.
  • Worldwide Voltage 100-240V – Use your styler in any country.
  • Anti-Slip edges.
  • Slim Handle Design.
  • Automatic sleep mode – Auto shut off after 1 hour.
  • Floating plates.
  • Won't damage hair like other straighteners.
  • Straighten, curl, flip and style your hair.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Beyas for sending the Karmin G3 Salon Pro styler for review.  As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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