What We’re Playing With: Motorworks Customizable Wooden Cars

This little car-loving guy spied something fun on the counter and asked me to get it down "so he could hug it".  Clearly, he's got me all figured out.
Motorworks Truck
And then he noticed a second Motorworks customizable wooden toy car on the counter and of course he wanted that one, too.  Because, you know, "they match". 
They Match
True to his word, he then stacked them one on top of the other so he could hug them.
Motorworks Cars

Hugging his cars
And, yes, I did finally let him open them.  I'd tell you how much he loved them, but I think that's for a whole other post.
Vrooming his cars
Would your kiddos love these cars from Manhattan Toy as much as my little guy does?  Check out the DrivenByFun site where you can see how cool these little mix and match, customizable cars really are.  The collection includes three different trim
levels with numerous cars and accessories in each series: Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Manhattan Toy for sending two customizable cars for us to play with.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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