We love the wheelyBUG Ride-On Toy from Prince Lionheart

My son is all about anything that vrooms.  Basically, if it has wheels, he loves it.  But, if that thing with wheels happens to be something he can ride on?  Well, that’s just amazing!

Such is the case with the wheelyBUG from Prince Lionheart that we received for review.  He loves it so much that whenever we are home he basically spends all day zooming around my house on it.  While we've had other indoor riding toys in the past, the wheelyBUG holds a special place in his heart as well as in my daughter's. 

WheelyBUG from Prince LionheartAnd, really, can you blame him?  Look how adorable the Mouse wheelyBUG is!

Made in two different sizes and with numerous adorable animal designs to choose from, the wheelyBUG is clearly something special.  But, even more than how cute it is, what really makes it special is the way it moves.  Designed with castor wheels instead of traditional ride-on wheels, the wheelyBUG is multi-directional and allows children to spin 180s with ease and to maneuver into spots they couldn’t reach otherwise. 

Riding the Prince Lionheart wheelyBUG
Since the wheelyBUG is an indoor riding toy, this ease of movement is my favorite feature.  Because I don’t have an indoor track set up exclusively for riding {say what?! Yeah, I know, bad mom alert!}, I love that they can get around all the obstacles {AKA furniture, walls, and fixtures} and still have fun vrooming around.   

Vrooming on the wheelyBUG
But, all this riding wouldn’t be fun if the wheelyBUG wasn’t all-day comfortable, so I love that it has a super cushioned seat that molds to the kids.  This cushioned critter seat is made from thick sponge covered with polyurethane leatheroid which is incredibly easy to wipe clean.  It has a small sturdy handle for pushing or riding as well as ears, antennae, tails, or accessories on most models. 

Riding on the wheelyBUG with baby
Because you are not limited to moving in straight lines and all steering is done with your feet, getting moving is so much easier on a wheelyBUG than other riding toys and it’s virtually frustration-free.  In fact, the wheelyBUG is the first choice of all the little visitors we have over that have never been on a ride-on toy before. 

Really, no matter what age child hops on the wheelyBUG, they instinctively know what to do and start zooming right away.  It’s this simple and straightforward design that makes it perfect for really young kids just starting out like my little guy or bigger kids like my almost 5-year-old. 

What's really cool is that as the kiddos ride more and their skill level increases, watching them on the wheelyBUG gets even more fun.  From controlled turns to spinning out in circles, the experienced riders really know how to tear it up and it's almost as hard to pull them off of it as it is the little guys.  With no right or wrong way to ride it and endless ways to play creatively with it, this truly is a ride-on toy that will last for years and through multiple children.     

Wheely BUG
The wheelyBUG is available from Prince Lionheart in two sizes and multiple designs.  The large retails for $79.99 and the small for $69.99.

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A huge thank you to Prince Lionheart for sending the beloved Wheely BUG to be reviewed.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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