Celebrating National Poetry Month with Starbucks #DeliciousPairings

Starbucks Delicious Pairings
I used to write poetry.  Really, really awful poetry that ranged from flower-y preteen stuff to angst-y teenage poems that were written in the margins of my term papers.  I have since come to my senses and admitted that writing poetry is not my forte.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like reading poetry and am enjoying rediscovering it again now that my daughter enjoys it as much as I used to. 

As for my poetry career?  That ship has definitely sailed.  But, just for one day I’m breaking my own promise and giving you the little treat below. 

In honor of National Poetry Month, my husband and I are dusting off our pen and paper to celebrate by writing two poems about two things near and dear to us: Starbucks coffee and chocolate brownies. 

You’re welcome, in advance. 

So, we poured ourselves a mug of the Dark French Roast Starbucks and paired it with The Bakery at Walmart Turtle Brownies as per the suggestion of the Delicious Pairings display at our local Walmart.  Gotta love when dessert is this easy, right? 

Delicious Pairings
Also, I had a coupon.  Can’t beat $1.50 off $7.28!  So, it’s easy, inexpensive, and delicious. 

Starbucks Coupon
The coffee alone might be enough to inspire poetry, but when paired with the turtle brownies, the result is pure heaven.  I mean, really.  Yum.

Turtle Brownies
Don’t believe me?  Well, check out this…. Art?

A much needed coffee breakOr, how about a haiku?  {side note: this is in all likelihood NOT a haiku, as it’s been a long, long time since either of us have studied poetry}

Delicious Pairings haiku
Or how about this probably-not-a-haiku haiku?

Haiku for Starbucks
As you can see, our poetry skills are a bit… rusty.  But, hopefully you’ve been inspired to enjoy a cup of Starbucks Dark French Roast paired with these delicious turtle brownies from the Bakery at Walmart yourself.  Or, maybe you are inspired to dust off a notebook, sit and relax, and write {good} poetry to celebrate National Poetry Month. 

Starbucks and Bakery at Walmart
While I think this might be the official end to my poetry career, I enjoyed being creative in a new and fun way with hubby.  It may feel daunting, and a bit silly, to write a poem about coffee and chocolate, but the lesson I took away from this was that creativity inspires more creativity.  While the poems we wrote aren’t anything to brag about, the process of writing them was more fun than I thought it would be, and it reminded us both of our dream to one day write together. 

Who knows, maybe next week we will brew ourselves another mug of coffee and make it happen.  We could finally sit down and work on one of the many {many} writing projects we have been half-heartedly planning and have our first work ready to publish by the end of summer.  It’s a lofty goal, but I think we’re up for the challenge.   

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  1. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but the turtle brownies look amazing! That’s enough to get me through their door!


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