Awesome and unique gifts for Mom from RedEnvelope {with coupon code}

Red Envelope for her
I’ve had a bit of a love affair with RedEnvelope since my teens and I now have numerous pieces I’ve gotten as gifts or bought for myself from them throughout my home. Many pieces of jewelry are from them, and they are nicely stored in a wooden RedEnvelope box. My wedding photos are in shadow box frames from RedEnvelope, and both of my children have special personalized baby gifts bought from RedEnvelope.

If you’ve never shopped at RedEnvelope before, you are in for a big treat. Everything from their easy-to-search gifts for all occasions to their easy ordering process and their beautiful red packaging, it’s easy to see why RedEnvelope is one of my absolute favorite stores. Their goal is to make gift giving easy and fun so that it’s just as fun to give as it is to receive, and I think they have definitely succeeded.

So, when I got a chance to shop with a gift card from the RedEnvelope catalog last month for all the spring birthdays and holidays, I was in heaven. I found a wide range of products from the obscure to the sentimental to the fun and quirky and have compiled a list of my absolute favorite products.

For the tree hugger – Envirosax Market Bags
Red Envelope Envirosax
I love these Envirosax bags and I take them with me everywhere these days because they pack small and can fit right inside my purse. I was a bit worried when Seattle issued their “bag ban”, but was completely relieved when I found Envirosax are actually more convenient than plastic for me, and I don’t end up with a million bags to recycle.

I also love that Red Envelope sells them in packs of 5, because 1 or 2 is never enough when you have shopping “helpers” who insist on carrying a bag of their own. They have numerous different color palettes to choose from, and some even have options for boys and girls {and even a Sesame Street set for the little ones.

For the wine lover – Vinturi Wine Aerator

Red Envelope Vinturi Wine Aerator

I have had one of these for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. While I love white wine, I have always hated the taste of red… until I found this aerator. It’s quick, easy, can be thrown in the dishwasher for cleaning, and it makes red wine taste amazing. We’ve done blind taste tests with this aerator and every single person has chosen the Vinturi aerated wine as the winner.

It’s wine, only better. Win, win.

For the sentimental mom – Mother’s Birthstone Necklace

Red Envelope Birthstone Necklace
I’ll admit I’m totally a sucker for mom necklaces. I currently have three mother’s necklaces I’ve made with various charms that I wear daily, and I have my sights set on even more in the near future. While I love necklaces with birthdates and names, I also like something simple with birthstones and this is my favorite non-traditional necklace from Red Envelope.

For the fun and funky gal – Dino Planters

Red Envelope Dino Planter
Not sure she’d love a dino planter? Wonder if she’d look at you like you’ve lost your marbles when she opens a box with a big ceramic dinosaur that she can put plants in?

Check out how we took an offshoot from a basic plant we got from our wedding {which we have happily kept alive for 9 years – wooohooo!} and took it from boring to amazing, all with a little prehistoric help from Red Envelope.

Dino Planter
For the jewelry lover – Personalized Stacking Love Rings

Red Envelope Stacking Love Ring

I seriously love this ring.  While I normally do not like heart shaped jewelry, I make an exception when the heart shaped item is this cool. And, if you’re really anti-heart, you can always wear the circle ring separate – or over any other simple birthstone ring you already own. I had dreams of fitting the circle ring over my wedding ring, but it didn’t quite fit over the diamond. In the end, though, I realized I liked the circle ring simply on its own.

The stacking ring is something you don’t see everyday and I think it’s really cool that it is personalized so I can literally wear my heart on my hand. And, I love how comfortable it is even to wear all day long. I’ve bought many rings without trying them on only to find that they aren’t smooth on the inside and end up digging into my finger, so I was really happy with how smooth both rings are so I can wear them every day.

Love Stacking Ring
For the gardener – a Year of Seeds

Red Envelope Year of Seeds
If you are shopping for mom for birthday or Mother’s Day, I would definitely check out Red Envelope first. It’s amazing how many items I found there that I’ve never seen anywhere else, and I feel like I could easily bookmark half of their catalog if I let myself shop on there too long. Whether your mom is the sentimental type, the fun and funky type, or simply loves cool things, you are bound to find something amazing that she will remember forever.

And, just in time for Mom’s Day, you can save up to $20 off, get free shipping, or take up to 20% off all sorts of awesome presents using this Red Envelope coupon link. You can personalize many of their items right on their site and you can have them shipped to you so you can hand deliver it, or have your present shipped directly to your recipient in a lush red package with a heartfelt note. Either way, it will be sure to make her day.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Red Envelope for providing a gift code so I could do some holiday shopping. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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