Must Have Gear for Kiddos: First Ascent MicroTherm Down Jacket from Eddie Bauer

I’m a big believer in getting kids good, quality outdoor gear.  Whether it’s for hiking and biking or quick jaunts around town, quality outdoor gear just makes sense on many different levels.   

For one, I want kids that enjoy being outdoors, and I know that being comfortable is a big part of what will foster their love of nature.  This may mean that my kiddos miss out on having character themed jackets and backpacks, but in the end I feel they gain a lot more by having something weatherproof and lightweight that allows them to be… kids. 

For another, good quality gear just lasts.  Even if you buy big and your child wears it for two years straight, it’s still able to passed down to the next kid in line.  If you do the math, it actually makes good gear seem frugal in comparison to $35 a pop every year and then a new coat for each kid.

Knowing that we love pint sized outdoor gear, you can bet we were thrilled when we heard that Eddie Bauer had recently expanded their clothing and gear for kids, baby and toddler as well.  We had been hunting the kid’s line down locally and found that it was in select stores right now {for all of you
MicroTherm Kids Jacket BlackSeattlites, you can currently find them consistently at U-Village and Redmond, and popping up in other stores occasionally} as well as online. 

And, once we saw the First Ascent MicroTherm down jacket for kids, we knew we had found the perfect grow-with-us coat.  Besides being absolutely adorable in that they look just like the grownup jackets but miniature, they also didn’t scrimp on features when they shrunk them down to kid’s sizes.  Packable, lightweight, and layer-able, these are the epitome of great gear for kids. 

With features such as StormRepel durable water-repellent (DWR) finish that sheds moisture, interior pockets for storing essentials, and cuffed sleeves to keep the elements out, this coat really does have it all.  I'm not sure if it's the fact that they match daddy, or if it's the fact that they really are gear connoisseurs at 2 and 4 years old, but my kiddos straight up adore these coats.

MicroTherm Down Jackets
Instead of the on-off on-off routine, the MicroTherm coats are the first coats that our kids actually keep on and don’t complain of being too hot in as soon as we step inside.  But, not only do they keep them on indoors, they are still perfect temperature for the cold, wind, and rain of the Pacific Northwest year-round. 

One of the details that make this such an amazing all around jacket is that it isn’t the giant puffy coat you are picturing from your childhood.  Made with row after row of tiny baffles stuffed with 600 fill power premium European goose down, it is amazingly thin for how warm it is. 

Another part of what makes the MicroTherm jacket so thin is that it is made with a slim fitted design to keep you warm as well as for layering, but with stretch panels built into the sides to aid in flexibility, breathability and movement.  These details also make it perfect to buy large since it is more of a fitted coat it doesn’t look out of place a size too big. 

Black MicroTherm Jacket
In fact, you might even be able to go two sizes bigger and really extend the life of the jacket.  Our kiddos are in sizes 5-6 and 3-4 for tops and they are currently both modeling a size 8 MicroTherm down jacket.  Admittedly, the coat looks like a dress on my son since the 21.25” length isn’t meant for toddlers, but I don’t want to be the one to break his heart. 

Speaking of heart breaking, when we do force the kiddos to take them off, I really love that the compressible down makes it easy to stuff away in the bottom of a stroller or an overnight bag, or even its own pocket.  But, this compressibility also means you can easily fold up the sleeves inside the cuffs if they happen to be too long, as was obviously the case for my son.

While I wouldn’t recommend buying 6 sizes too big for everyone, he certainly doesn’t look like he’s complaining now, does he?

Grey MicroTherm Jacket
Whether you are looking for an under layer for skiing and snowshoeing or you want a lightweight and compressible all-weather coat for your little one, I would highly recommend the MicroTherm Down Jacket from First Ascent as the perfect year-round coat.  It may not make a mountain climber out of your kiddo just by putting it on, but you will have better luck convincing them to try as well as keeping them comfortable no matter where their day takes them. 

The MicroTherm jackets for boys and girls are currently on clearance at and can be picked up for 50% off, which makes them a crazy good deal at $39.99 each.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Eddie Bauer for sending the MicroTherm jackets for the kiddos to adore… and never want to take off.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. Those look super warm and a great price! If I lived in cooler weather, these would be perfect! Fortunately for us, we only visit snow once in a blue moon!


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