Peter Pan Diamond Edition on Blu-ray Combo Pack arrives on 2/5

A few years ago, I got burned by the Disney Vault.  My sister and hubby and I were working on a Peter Pan themed “Neverland” mural on our play wall and we needed an aerial image of the island to work off of.  The problem was that after 6 book stores, we could find exactly one picture of Neverland as a whole, and it was the background of the table of contents page so it was hard to see much of anything.

While we ended up just finishing up the mural using a very loose representation of Neverland, I would have loved to have a copy of Peter Pan to pop in so we could merely pause it over the aerial view.  More than that though, I would have loved to get into the spirit of Neverland by watching the film as we painted, but unfortunately, it was locked away in the Disney Vault.

You’d think with a pirate-themed play area like this, that my kiddos would be all about Peter Pan, right?  Ironically, they had never seen the movie and didn’t understand just how cool their little “scrog pit”* is.

Scrog Pit Door Open
Luckily, Peter Pan has recently come out of the vault to celebrate his 60th anniversary, and has been restored in high definition just in time for my kiddos to really appreciate it.  We got to check out the new Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack and it was a very big hit.  The timing of the film arriving was perfect as it’s been cold and rainy for almost a week now and we really needed to snuggle up and have a family movie night.     


It was the first time for both kiddos watching the film, but it was also my first time watching it in over 16 years, and I was surprised by how much of the film I had forgotten.  But, in other ways, I was surprised that it was just as magical as it had been in my memories.  Bright, vibrant, and with amazing cinematography that transports you to a magical land you can only get to if you believe, I think it's impossible to not fall in love with this amazing movie. 

Only Blu-ray could possibly match the beauty of childhood memories, and once again, it did not disappoint.  In fact, I’m actually glad that Peter Pan was locked away in the Disney Vault all these years so that the first time I experienced it during my adult years was in high definition and restored to the high standards of a little girl who loved everything Neverland. 

In addition to being beautifully restored, the new Diamond Edition Peter Pan also has some great new bonus features, including never-before-seen deleted scenes and an alternate ending, and my favorite new feature – Disney Intermission. 

When watching with small children, you end up pausing the movie every time a child needs to use the restroom or get a drink, so I love that the new Disney Intermission makes it fun for all the people left waiting for the film to restart.  With interactive games and puzzles, the kids liked intermission almost as much as they loved the film!

Intermission (new), Growing up with Nine Old Men (new), Disney View (new), Introduction
by Diane Disney Miller (new), Deleted Songs & Scenes , You Can Fly: The
Making of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tale, Disney Song Selections, Audio
Commentary Hosted by Roy Disney, Music Videos & More!

To learn more and keep informed on this release:

Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games

Leanne Logo*Scrog Pit is a term my nephew coined using the pirate term "scrog" which means an inexperienced sailor or small child to decribe our pirate ship play area.  The name stuck. 

A big thank you to Disney for sending the new Diamond Edition Peter Pan to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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  1. That is darn near the cutest scrog pit I’ve ever seen! I’m pretty sure my kiddos would shut themselves in their and duel until they fall down laughing or crying, but hey, it’s still adorable. How did I never know that you were a pirate/Peter Pan fan? Good thing that you’re getting this before the vault snaps closed again!


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