One of a kind keepsake and handwriting jewelry from Lauren Nicole Gifts

You know those adorable things your kiddos write or draw that make you think, “I wish I could preserve this forever”?  For me, that is every time my daughter writes a letter “E” as it has three extra adorable squiggles.  My dad tells me it’s because she’s so emphatic, and I can’t help but agree. 

Of course I save all of her sweet notes she signs with “love” with her emphatic E, but most of those are done on napkins or shreds of paper my daughter finds around the house.  This makes it hard to frame or display them in any functional way, which means they end up in a pile or in her scrapbook box, which makes them hard to actually enjoy. 

So, for Christmas I told my husband that all I wanted was her handwriting on a necklace, something I thought I was making up at the time.  But, as it turns out, handwriting jewelry is a very real thing and is one of my new obsessions. 

Lauren Nicole Gifts, the company my friends and I order our hand stamped jewelry from, makes a whole collection of handwriting jewelry and they are more gorgeous than I had imagined.  Seriously, just look at how gorgeous these handwriting jewelry pieces are.

When it came to the actual designing of my necklace, I knew I wanted my daughter writing “love” as the main feature that I could wear close to my heart.  But, what I didn’t expect was that she would bust out this beautiful masterpiece the week before we ordered:

Mama Bird
I know, right?  Since 99% of the drawings my daughter does require paragraphs of explanation, I was thrilled that not only does this look just like a mama bird on her nest, it actually looks like something I would buy at a store.  I wasn’t even sure if Lauren Nicole Gifts could do children's artwork like this, but I thought it was worth a shot to email it to them and see what they could do. 

Lauren Nicole Love Charm
Imagine my surprise when the necklace came back to me with “love” on one side and the bird on the other.  Leave it to Lauren Nicole Gifts to wow me yet again and offer things I didn't even think could be done! 

Let me tell you, it was better than getting a fancy piece of jewelry, better than a custom piece of art, and better than receiving a sweet handwritten note from my little sweetheart, because it was all of those rolled into one.  How could I not melt when I get to look at this every single day?

And, it isn’t just sentiment that makes this my new favorite jewelry piece, the Lauren Nicole handwriting necklace is truly gorgeous in its own right.  Although it looks dainty and feminine, I was initially surprised by how thick and hefty the polished silver charm is.  This isn’t the type of thing you can simply pick up at a craft store and make your own jewelry out of, this is a thick and sturdy piece that can hold up to anything. 

Now I love macaroni necklaces as much as the next person, but being able to see the same glow of pride in my daughter’s eyes when I wear my Lauren Nicole charm that she designed is a much better deal for both of us.  Plus, it matches my style just a bit more, and as you might imagine it’s much more durable.  That's mother's jewelry I can really get behind. 

Looking at Lauren Nicole necklace
In addition to being a special necklace that means so much to my daughter and me, it’s also a great conversation starter and I get tons of compliments on it even before they know it’s my daughter’s art and handwritten “love”.  And, I love that I’m doing my part to further the handwriting jewelry trend as everyone that hears about or sees my special necklace now wants one of their own. 

Lauren Nicole Gifts
Whether you want to show off your kid’s sweet first letters, a love note from your hubby, or a bit of inspiration from a beloved grandparent, handwriting jewelry is the way to do it.  What better way to preserve the sentiment and the person than with their own handwriting you can wear forever? 

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to surprise a loved one with priceless one-of-a-kind jewelry from Lauren Nicole.  Whatever design you choose, it's sure to make their day, and will definitely be the first thing they reach for in their jewelry box. 

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  1. My mom passed away 2 years ago & I’d love to get something with her writing preserved. I posted & liked your page on FB. Thanks for the contest!

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  4. I lost my Dad last July. He was the most precious Dad any girl could have been blessed with. His legacy lives on through all the many people he touched. I will miss him every single day. Handwritten stamped jewelry is such a wonderful way to honor those that we love. Thank you for offering this give a way!

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