Campbell’s Skillet Sauces make a quick and delicious 15 minute dinner

Once upon a time, hubby and I used to enjoy cooking elaborate dinners together just to use as many fancy kitchen gadgets as possible.  Now, I’m known as “One Pan Leanne” and 75% of the meals I prepare use only one big dish, or at the most, two.  This isn’t to say that I’ve become a lazy cook or that my meals are boring, I simply put a lot of energy into planning so I can make the most delicious meal I can using the least amount of dishes possible.

Because, really, there’s nothing I hate more than excess dishes these days.  With a sinkful of dishes after breakfast, lunch, and snack time, the last thing I want to do is create extra work for myself using specialized cookware when a simple all-purpose pan and spatula will work just fine.  So, anything that helps me cut out a few steps and save a few pans from needing scrubbed is a very, very good thing.

For this reason, I love Campbell’s new Skillet Sauces that take all the work out of preparing gourmet meals.  Instead of mixing bowls and measuring spoons and cups, all the ingredients are included in one easy packet and you only need to add your protein to make a complete meal. 

Last weekend, we all walked to Albertson’s to get some fresh air and groceries and found 4 varieties of the new Campbell’s Skillet Sauces in the soup aisle.  Not only were we excited about four new delicious sauces to try, we were thrilled to find that our store had a shelf display with an awesome $2 off coupon for any fresh chicken, beef, or shrimp that got us excited about trying something new and making a special weeknight “date night”.

Really, the hardest part was deciding what flavor to choose, so we didn’t.  We added all 4 they carried – Creamy Chipotle, Toasted Sesame, Marsala, and Scampi {they were out of Thai Green Curry and Fire Roasted Tomato} – to our cart and headed over to the meat department to check out what we could get with our $2 off coupon. 

Campbell's Skillet Sauce Coupon
Once we were done shopping, we headed to check out and while we were ringing up, the cashier saw our cart and started raving about how great the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces were.  After that, we were even more excited to get our bags home and start cooking so all that was left was planning a few “date nights” so we could try them out. 

Campbell's Skillet Sauces shopping trip
Luckily, we didn't have to wait long to try them out as we got a opportunity for a "date night" the very next evening and create our #Dinnerin15.  Here’s what we came up with the first night using the Creamy Chipotle Campbell’s Skillet Sauce:

Creamy Chipotle Turkey with Peppers
We grilled up some leftover turkey, roasted peppers and onions, and then added the Creamy Chipotle Skillet Sauce.  As a side, we added some stir fry noodles, poured some wine, and dinner was served.

As much as I was excited about the sauce itself, I wasn’t sure the meal was going to all “work” together. We had taken some liberties changing the recipe last minute and we were just kind of throwing in things without knowing what the sauce tasted like, but the result was incredibly delicious. 

The turkey ended up shredding in the sauce as it cooked, kind of like pulled pork, but it tasted amazing that way and I would highly recommend trying it if you have turkey.  The Chipotle itself had a little bit of a kick, but it wasn’t too hot by any means, even for kiddos.  When served with roasted peppers and onions over noodles, the mix of flavors was perfect and it really tasted like I had spent hours cooking when the truth is I whipped it up in about 10 minutes total.     

The next date night, we created this with the Scampi Campbell’s Skillet Sauce:

Shrimp Scampi with peppers and noodles
The only change we made to the recipe was adding some fresh red, orange and yellow peppers at the beginning of cooking, and I think it was a really good choice.  I'm normally a bit scared of cooking shrimp, so the Scampi Skillet Sauce was the perfect solution as it gave me a foolproof sauce to build upon, and I think I've somewhat overcome my fear. 

We served the shrimp scampi over plain spaghetti noodles and the result was perfection.  By adding in a French baguette and some wine, date night was on.  And, it was delicious.

You can see more about the meals we created by checking out our Google+ album here.

Even though our date nights were days ago, both hubby and I are still talking about how amazing our Campbell’s creations were.  Since we ended up at another Albertson’s later in the week to pick up a few grocery necessities, we actually picked up the Campbell’s Skillet Sauce Thai Green Curry as well to take advantage of the amazing $2 off coupon again.  It’s not often that you can get deals on meat and seafood, so a $2 off coupon is like gold to me and I didn’t want to pass it up. 

And, after seeing how versatile the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces are for making a quick dinner something special, they have now become my go-to meal inspiration.  I will definitely keep a variety of Skillet Sauce flavors on hand for impromptu date nights and easy weeknight dinners.  You really can’t beat a good one pan meal with minimal cleanup that has us raving about it days later!  

Shrimp Scampi Campbell's Skillet Sauce
Need more inspiration for cooking with Campbell's?  Check out their recipe section at Campbell's Kitchen for cooking tips, ideas for entertaining a crowd, and recommendations for when you just don't feel like meal planning.

You can also connect with Campbell's Skillet Sauces on Facebook for a coupon you can use to make them even more affordable and be sure to check for the awesome $2 off meat and seafood coupon at your local store. 

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  1. Very disappointing. First time and not what I expected. There is no taste to the Marsala with
    Mushrooms(? )and Garlic(?) I will try a few of the others. Before I opt out on the skillet Sauces.

  2. Thats very disappointing! I havent tried that flavor, but the other 3 Ive had were great. Hopefully you have better luck next time!
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