Holiday Gifts for the DIY’er from Dremel {Dremel Saw-Max Review}

It seems like everyone these days is a DIY’er.  With the advent of Pinterest with detailed and pictorial instructions, it has become incredibly easy to redo an entry way, create a one-of-a-kind art installation, or even to renovate an entire house.  Where we used to lament our lack of built-ins or architectural interest, now we merely add our own easier than ever before.

But, while I’m a big advocate of DIY’ing, I do have small children and can’t have my entry way, art installations or house renovations taking over our entire house.  This means I’m always looking for options that cut my project time, minimize cleanup, and don’t require a whole workshop full of power tools while the project is in process.  For all these reasons and more, I love Dremel tools.

Dremel Tools
Since the only time I have for DIY’ing is during the 2-3 hour nap window, I need quick and efficient ways to get projects done, and for me, that’s Dremel’s biggest plus.  Being able to quickly grab the tools I need, have tools that can handle multiple tasks, and offer the easiest cleanup possible is paramount, which means I never reach for anything other than our Dremel Multi-Max or Dremel Saw-Max. 

But, if I’m being honest, I’m incredibly scared of power tools and the Dremel tools are all I can handle in terms of size and power.  If I need anything more intense than these, I’m calling in backup as there’s no way I’m using a full-size circular saw or jigsaw.  Luckily, Dremel tools can handle almost anything and they can do just about any DIY project Pinterest or I can dream up.

But, Dremel tools aren’t just for casual crafters like myself, these are serious tools that can make short work of many projects and renovations, large or small.  Even hubby who is all Dremel Multi Maxdecked out with traditional full size tools adores our Dremel tools and reaches for those first.

You may remember how we raved in our Dremel Multi-Max review about how great it is for doing plunge cuts as well as cutting precise
shapes including square corners in all sorts of materials.  We’ve used it for all sorts of projects around the house in the past year and a half and it’s still the most grabbed tool we own.  Because we love it so much, we were hoping to expand our Dremel collection and try out either the Dremel Trio or the Saw-Max this year, especially now that we have a list of to-dos that require tools we were lacking.   

So, when the Dremel Saw-Max arrived last month, we were thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started on some of our pins on Pinterest.  And, just look at this beautiful tool – who wouldn’t want to do some DIY projects armed with this?    

Dremel Saw Max 2
The Dremel Saw-Max is a scaled-down circular saw that is much better for doing traditional long, straight cuts while allowing for greater control and precision.  Since it is about a third the size of a standard circular saw, it is much more portable and easy to use either indoors or out without immediately turning the room into a construction zone. 

I immediately felt comfortable using the Saw-Max, even one handed, and was able to tackle small cuts on my own during our last project.  Since I won’t touch our full size saw and have to ask for help to finish even a simple project, having the Saw-Max makes me feel unstoppable and it has greatly increased the projects I’m willing to take on.

Dremel Saw Max in Case
Because the Saw-Max uses a 3” blade, it really excels at smaller jobs and trim work, which is perfect for most of the projects around our house and most of my craft projects.  While it’s compact enough for small art projects that require greater attention to detail, I also love that it can still tackle big jobs like cutting flooring or building furniture.  And, with the adjustable base plate that allows you to set the depth of the cut in seconds and without tools, it allows you to create different size cuts in various materials quickly and easily which makes it a great all-purpose power tool for bigger renovations. 

I bet you’re wondering how a 3” blade can tackle large jobs?  Well that is where the smart accessories come in.  The 2×4 cutting guide is a simple plastic guide that you clamp over the board you want to cut and then simply run the saw along the top and bottom of the board for a nice straight cut.  The straight edge guide is another great tool that attaches to the side of the Saw-Max and lets you cut a precise straight line.  But the one accessory that is on top of our list to get is the miter guide, which allows you to do precise angle and bevel cuts for really detailed trim work. 

If that’s not enough for you, there is also a multi-purpose flush cut blade that puts the blade right up to the edge of the saw, and my personal favorite, the dust port adapter so I can hook a vacuum right to the saw to clean up the mess as we go along. Pretty awesome, right? 

Dremel Saw Max
With the confidence I have gained using my Dremel tools there are sure to be a lot of formerly intimidating projects finished up at our house soon, and maybe in the future we will add the Dremel Trio and tackle even more. Come back next year to see us tackle our biggest DIY to date, the front entryway that we'd like to function more like a mudroom. 

If you have a long to do list at your house as well, be sure to check out all the tools from Dremel and you might be surprised at what you can accomplish too.  And, if you've got a Pinterest pinner or a handyman on your list, you will definitely appreciate the following Dremel Gift Guide: 

Gifts from Dremel for the Pinterest Pinner-
•         Dremel 8220 12V Rotary Tool ($99-$139)Take on nearly any project with this new rotary tool. From hobbies like jewelry-making or glass-engraving, to tackling household repairs, the Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool provides versatility and precision for projects large and small.
•         Dremel Trio™ ($99)Thanks to the resurgence of the Shabby Chic design trend, refinishing and distressing furniture pieces has become a popular hobby. For those on your list who have a knack for breathing new life into furniture and décor, the Dremel Trio will allow them to tackle multiple materials and planes without switching tools.

Gifts from Dremel for the Home Handyman-
•         Dremel Multi-Max™ MM20 ($99)Repair. Remodel. Restore. The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 offers do-it-yourselfers and pros a versatile and effective multitasking tool. The Multi-Max can cut into a variety of materials including stone, sheet metal and cement with precision, power and ease, so users can tackle an array of applications quickly and comfortably.
•         Dremel Saw-Max™ ($129)Making cuts with a saw can be a daunting task, but at one-third the size and weight of a traditional circular saw, the Dremel Saw-Max allows users to make smooth cuts on a variety of materials with easy, one-handed operation.

Stocking Stuffers from Dremel-

•         Dremel EZ Twist Nose Cap ($6.99)A must-have for anyone with a Dremel rotary tool, the EZ Twist Nose Cap makes changing accessories on a Dremel rotary tool faster and easier.
•         Dremel Multi-Max Drywall Jab Saw Accessory ($9.99)Designed to be the fastest-cutting drywall blade available, the Drywall Jab Saw is the only oscillating blade that makes both straight and curved cuts in drywall, ideal for cutting out electrical boxes and recessed lighting.
•         Dremel Multi-Max Multi-Knife Accessory ($14.99)Quickly and easily cut carpet, vinyl, boxes, shingles, foam, insulation and plastic with the Dremel Multi-Knife. Two cutting edges allow users to cut in either direction; the inside-facing edge is designed for cuts requiring a pulling motion and the outside-facing edge is designed for cuts requiring a pushing motion.
•         Dremel Saw-Max Cutting Kit ($39.99)Includes seven Saw-Max wheels, including diamond and carbide wheels,  to cut tile, drywall, wood, plastic, metal, cement, brick and more.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Dremel for sending the Saw-Max to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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