Elfcapades Capture the Magic of Christmas

Nearly every morning I wake up to my daughter’s nose a few inches from mine, her eyes big as she whispers, “Let’s go see what those crazy elves did last night”. 

So, basically, I wake up to Christmas spirit.  And, then we go downstairs to find cute things like this:

Should you happen to ask my daughter about those elves, she will exclaim, “They’re crazy!”  That will then be followed by several minutes of high-pitched and fast-talking descriptions of where she has found them over the past few days, how hard she laughed when she saw them, and how she can’t even believe that she has wild elves. 

Here’s just a few of the places we have found Ryan and Mindy over the past few weeks after we’ve woken to find they aren’t where we left them.  It turns out, two magic elves equals some crazy cute Elfcapades.  
Elfcapades 2
But, in addition to how fun our nightly Elfcapades have been, what has been really magical this year is the love that has developed between Ryan, Mindy and the kiddos.  Even when the kiddos were sick for a week and stuck inside, Ryan and Mindy were happy to keep them company and more often than not, I came into the room to find this:
Elf Love

Adorable, no?

If you would like to start a wonderful family tradition with your kids, you can check out Elf-Magic.com
and see all about how to send Santa a letter requesting your own boy or
girl Magic Elf visit you this holiday season.  You can also click on
the Elfcapades tab and see what kinds of adventures other families have had with their elves!

Connect with www.elf-magic.com via Facebook and Twitter to see great stories of Elf-Magic elves all over the world!  You can also read more about Ryan and Mindy by checking out our first post of the season.

Leanne Signature 2A
big thank you to Santa for answering my letter and sending Ryan and
Mindy the elf to share our home this holiday season.  May your holidays
be just as magical!

1 thought on “Elfcapades Capture the Magic of Christmas”

  1. That is cute. Your kids are obviously having fun with their elves. At times like these, when we are hearing news about the kids who were killed in the shooting in Connecticut, it’s nice to read things like this.
    Things need to change. I don’t know what has happened to make people think it’s okay to go into public buildings, into elementary schools and shoot down young kids and the adults who care for them. We need to get back to times of caring.


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