PlanToys Love {Plan City Car Repair & Service Station Review}

My son almost always has a car in his hand, and that goes for all waking and sleeping hours.  For the past year, everything has been all about “vrooms”, and his love for miniature cars seems to grow each passing month.  At first I had strict rules for keeping them out of his bed and limited them only to playtime, but have since come to realize that it’s a losing battle.

PlanToys Service Station
So, when my son insisted upon sleeping with his PlanToys Car Repair & Service Station with “vrooms”, no one was surprised in the slightest.  While I won the battle the first night and it sat on his car table across the room from his bed, the second night it mysteriously appeared from under his blanket after I left the room.  Then I watched him play with the mechanic shop in the
Car Repair and Service PlanToysdark on the video monitor for a few minutes before he fell asleep with his arm around it.  Now, that's true love.  

And, what’s not to love about the PlanToys Service Station?  Not only is it a super cool open-air building with a working crank-operated car lift, it also has a little spot for the shop owner to ring up orders, a flat roof for 2-story play, marked car spots for parking, and a removable sign.  And, that’s just the building.  There’s also a little mechanic van for on-site repairs and a tow truck that can hook up to other PlanToys cars to tow back to the shop.

PlanToys Car Repair and Service Station
Like all things PlanToys, we fell in love with the design of the Car Repair & Service Station with its chunky wooden components and modern flair.  But, more than that, we love that ambiguity of the toy and even though it was intended to be a mechanic shop, by removing the car service sign and adding a little bit of imagination, you can make it anything you dream up. 

So far it has been a store with the car lift acting as elevator, an airport baggage area with the car lift the baggage mover to deliver it to the plane or helicopter on the roof, or even a post office with a bustling back room and roof access.  Since our “roadway” is limited by the size of our car table, I love that the mechanic shop is compact enough to fit comfortably on the table as well as become other buildings as needed. 

PlanToys Mechanic Shop
If you have a little one who loves all things that go, you should definitely check out the entire line of Plan City from PlanToys.  Create your own city with a PlanToys roadway set, airport, fire station, rescue center, parking garage, and more as well as just about any vehicle you can imagine.  Not only is it irresistible to any little boy, it’s also a great way to learn about city planning together.

Perhaps play foods are more your child’s speed?  Well, then you must check out the new PlanToys play food line released this year.  My daughter gets to pick out a piece of food every time we go to our local toy store and we’ve slowly collected quite the grocery store / farmer’s market set up.  Who knew that a few root vegetables, fruits, and fridge food could inspire their amazing imaginations on a daily basis?  Check out our review of the PlanToys Balancing Scale that is one of the favorite toys of the year.

PlanToys Wooden Foods
Whatever your little one is looking for this holiday season, I would highly recommend checking out the amazing line of PlanToys green toys that you can truly feel good about buying.  I love knowing that each PlanToys product is made with sustainable and eco-friendly components and the kids just love that they are adorable and fun.  Win, win.     

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to PlanToys for sending their Car Repair and Service Station for review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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