Holiday Bonding and Gun Safety with Daisy Outdoor Products #BB4me

If you told me a few years ago that I would belong to a gun-friendly family, I would have never believed you.  Growing up with three sisters and one brother meant that pink and girly were hot topics and guns were almost non-existent in our world. 

Fast forward 20 years and most of us sisters are married off, which has brought a healthy dose of testosterone to the family tree along with a propensity for shooting firearms of all kinds.  So, now the boys of the family spend their time at the gun range bonding and talking about foreign things like .22s and scopes and laser sights while us girls search for something else to do.

This isn’t to say that the boys haven’t been trying their hardest to convince us girls to join them, in fact, they even brought us there once, with a lot of kicking and screaming and I-think-I’m-busy-that-day excuses.  The one and only time I went was enough excitement to last me the  5+ years that have passed and I haven’t been talked into holding a gun ever since.

Or, at least I hadn’t held a gun.  Last weekend, I actually went gun shopping to buy a present for my niece and held quite a few guns willingly.  Okay, so I wasn’t shopping for handguns or rifles, I was shopping for Daisy BB guns, but that counts, right?

It turns out Daisy Outdoor Products, the company that makes the iconic Red Ryder BB gun that every little boy dreams of someday owning, also makes a pink version, the Model 1998 Carbine that even I got excited about.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for my teenage niece as it’s a great quality BB gun with classic style and appeal.  Not too childish and not too powerful, it’s the perfect gun to learn about gun safety and proper handling with, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Cabela's Daisy Red Ryder Shopping
We found the Daisy Pink Carbine Model 1998 at Cabela's near our home and picked up some fun accessories to go with it like peel and stick targets, and a package of BB's that we put into a special hunting box we found at Walmart.  And, then of course we had to throw in some safety goggles that even a teenage girl would want to wear – bright pink, naturally. 

Daisy BB Gun
Then we wrapped it up all pretty and got it all ready to gift.  She will never, ever guess what's inside, even with the hunting box as a hint.  In fact, she couldn't even believe it when she finally opened it and saw that she had her own pink BB gun to practice with.

Wrapped Red Ryder BB Gun
Once the Daisy Pink Carbine 1998 was opened at the get together and my niece got over her surprise, we had a whole line of girls that wanted to try it out, along with some of the boys who weren’t scared off by the pink handle and leather tassel.  Even though I hadn’t intended on actually opening the gun up and shooting that day, our gracious host insisted, and soon had a specially designed BB target, safety glasses for everyone, and within minutes he had a “BB gun range” set up for us.    
Safety GogglesBeing an avid gun lover who is big on gun safety, he went over the basics of shooting safely with us, gave us all safety goggles, let us all get used to holding the gun, and supervised us rookies while everyone over the age of 10 {the recommended minimum age for BB guns} gave shooting a try.  Most of the safety rules of BB guns are pretty basic – no pointing the muzzle at anyone, ever, and treat every gun like it’s loaded, etc. – but we also went over the ten shooting safety rules on the Daisy site to make sure we were all up to speed.  
Daisy Pink Carbine Model 1998After we were all safe, protected, and the target was set, we took turns shooting the Daisy Pink Carbine Model 1998 so us girls could figure out what we’ve been missing all these years.  As it turns out, we’ve been missing a lot.  We’ve been missing out on the bonding that comes from shooting guns together, the friendly competition that inevitably arises, and the bragging rights of showing off your first ever target with a bulls-eye.   

Shooting a DaisyHaving not been around guns my whole life, jumping into shooting at a gun range was a little bit of a leap for me, so I loved the idea of going back to the basics with Daisy to learn why shooting stuff can be such a bonding experience.  For me, it was nice to discover that there’s more to shooting than gun ranges and kickback. 

And, as it turns out, I’m not opposed to guns at all and in fact had a great time seeing all the different generations shooting together.  I love the fact that, starting with my niece, the younger generation is now going to grow up being comfortable around guns, understanding gun safety, and bonding in a way my generation missed out on.

First time target shooting
We all grew up quoting the line from the movie A Christmas Story, “I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle”, but up until now I never dreamt I would ever utter those words truthfully.  After seeing how much fun all the girls had shooting the Daisy Pink Carbine, even I want an official Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, too.  

And Now For the Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted and prize sent! Thank you to all who entered. 

You can see more about our shopping and our shooting by checking out our Google+ album.  Find out more information about the entire Daisy range at the  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @DaisyOutdoor and like Daisy Outdoor on Facebook to stay connected!

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58 thoughts on “Holiday Bonding and Gun Safety with Daisy Outdoor Products #BB4me”

  1. I love the Black Grizzly Model 840 Kit.We are daisy fans in the house an have the buck and model 10 for my son and my daughter now wants her own pink bb gun lol.

  2. Actually my husband is living proof that you actually can shoot your eye out with a BB gun. It happened to him because it hit a junk tire and came back to him dead center in his eye. He hated the Christmas Story movie for many years. But now his official Christmas shirt is a target with the phrase on it “You’ll shoot your eye out kid” LOL
    BTW he is a avid hunter and gun collector now too…
    *** So in honor of him I would have to choose the —> Red Ryder Model 1938 <--- from the "Daisy" site.

  3. I so want the Pink Carbine Model 1998 for Christmas this year. I just got a puppy so I’m not sure my hubby will get me anything else, but here’s hoping! Looks like y’all had a great day of bonding. Nothing like getting together for fun in the outdoors!


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