Mouth Man Hoodies Bring Clothing to Life

My daughter has an amazing imagination.  There are numerous times she’s told me something so earnestly that I truly believed that there was a kitty on the porch or a butterfly out her window only to be told that “it’s just imaginary, mama”.  But, as much as she likes to imagine real-life scenarios, she also likes to let her imagination run wild… and usually it ends up in the Jurassic time period. 

Of course, this has led to a lot of imaginative dinosaur games, most of which involve outrunning a T-Rex or finding baby dinos and returning them to their mama.  Sometimes we play dinosaurs and sometimes we “hunt” them in our backyard, but you can bet there are usually dinosaurs during our daily playtime. 

Mouth ManWhen I was recently introduced to Mouth Man products, I knew they would be a huge hit with both kids because of how incredibly fun they are and how they inspire imaginations.  With interactive designs that let you become your favorite animal, it is much more than a simple line of clothing – it is a toy as well.

The brainchild of Ross Valory, founder of the rock band Journey {insert your own hilarious Don’t Stop Believing Journey reference here}, Mouth Man products are like nothing else I’ve ever seen.  Designed so that a simple self-hug transforms the arms of your shirt into a “mouth” that you can then open and close, it’s like a hidden costume with every purchase.  Just by moving your arms you can make your animal talk, roar, or kiss and help bring your shirt to life.

We spent quite a while on the Mouth Man site checking out their selection of animal-front shirts as well as their all-over designs that let you become your animal of choice.  I thought for sure Mouth Man Cobra Shirtmy daughter would fall for the dinosaur hoodie shirt as homage to our game, but was very surprised when she confidently pointed to the Child Cobra Hoodie Shirt and declared “that one!” 

Just in case she missed the dinosaur hoodie right above the cobra shirt, I pointed it out and suggested it would be a great addition to our dino play, to which she insisted the cobra shirt was a better fit – “that’s what the dinosaurs look like that we hunt”. 

You can’t argue with a good imagination, so I took her word for it and ordered the cobra hoodie for her. 

When it arrived, she was so excited that her “dinosaur shirt” arrived that she put it on as soon as it was out of the package.  It took her a bit to figure out how to hold her arms just so to align the jaw, but once she did, she was off and “roarrr”-ing at everything she could find. 

Mouth Man Hoodie pictures
After seeing the Mouth Man hoodie in person I must say that I’m really impressed.  I was half expecting a novelty clothing item that was costume-quality but was pleasantly surprised by how nice the hoodie material looks and feels and the quality details throughout.  I had read that the hoodie material was made from plastic bottles, and I was picturing something stiff and, well, plastic-y but it in reality it is quite soft and comfortable. 

And, speaking of comfortable, I love that the hoodie breathes well so it can be worn year-round.  The material actually reminds me of an expensive workout shirt with miniscule holes in the fabric to keep you cool and dry.  In fact, even though it’s a long sleeve shirt and summer is in full swing , the material is lightweight enough to be comfortable even during the day and is UPF 50 to boot!  The fact that it has no zippers or buttons is also a plus as it’s great whether you’re layering it or wearing it all on its own. 

Mouth Man Hoodies
And, thank goodness it is versatile and well made, because I know the Cobra Hoodie Shirt has a ton of wear in it since it’s big on my daughter {ordered this way on purpose} and will definitely be passed down to my son.  Whether it stays a dinosaur or eventually becomes a snake still remains to be seen, but I know that this is going to be one of those things that define their childhood as they reminisce about that shirt they used to wear for dress up AND for school that all their friends were envious of. 

Mouth Man Hoodies come in a variety of different designs all the way from dinosaur {the snake kind or otherwise} to red lipstick kisses and can be ordered in toddler sizes all the way to adult.  In addition to it being a nice quality shirt to layer in the winter and protect from the sun in the summer, they are also perfect for encouraging pretend play and inspiring imaginations all year long.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Mouth Man for sending a sample to facilitate this review and a giveaway for our fabulous readers. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I was going through these with B- I couldn’t get over them! And then- I saw the Orca! We are full blown in a whale/dolphin obsession right now. Anyhow- I would pick that one. These are SO cool- how neat!

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  3. Commented/entered your Lazoo Children’s Line Introduces New App {Rain Boot Review & Giveaway}

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