Celebrating National Camera Day with TCBY

Did you know that June 29th was National Camera Day?  Me, either.  Thank goodness TCBY Frozen Yogurt let me know, because celebrating National Camera Day with TCBY in hand was definitely the way to really get the most out of the holiday.

StrawberryI should admit that I love TCBY {with a passion} and that I take too many photos.  How can you resist frozen yogurt that tastes better than ice cream or all photogenic subjects around me?  So, what could be better than combining the two to bring out my inner photographer?

In honor of National Camera Day, we all set out to grab a selection of some of the TCBY Frozen Yogurt take home varieties.  Although we had originally planned on bringing them home and enjoying them, while we were in the store we got invited to a laid-back BBQ the next night, so we offered to bring desserts for everyone.  We {and most of the guests} had only had TCBY in their local store, so trying out the varieties of frozen treats in the comfort of home – or, more accurately, your sister’s home – was going to be a fun way to end the meal, and thus we took the shopping very seriously.

TCBY at Walmart
I was happy to find that our local Walmart had a great selection of TCBY Frozen Yogurt available, so much so that we had a hard time narrowing it down to what we wanted to bring to the party.  In the end, we all got to bring our favorite picks, and then we even threw in a flavor we knew the host would really like.  In retrospect, we shouldn’t have led on that we were giving our 1-year-old any frozen treats, much less a box of them.  But, he seemed pretty content to just hold the box.

TCBY Shopping
I really loved how there were numerous sizes and options available for our group, ranging from quarts to pints to bars to novelties, so there really was something for everyone.  It was fun to see some of the old favorites from the TCBY store, but also some things we had never tried before, which we thought would be fun to buy so we could taste test them together.  As you can imagine, filling a shopping cart full of yummy goodness is a really fun way to go shopping, for kids and adults.   

But, my favorite thing about shopping for TCBY is that although it all tastes great, it is so much better for you than traditional ice cream or even baked desserts.  They even have the calories labeled clearly on the front package to make it even easier for those watching their caloric intake – something I loved as I was deciding between flavors and varieties.

TCBY shopping cart
We also purchased an insulated tote at the front of the store to keep our treats cool on the ride home and then for on the way to the party so we could keep our haul frozen.  Happy to report they made both trips safely and we simply loaded them in the freezer after we arrived.  After dinner, we cracked open the pints and a few of the novelties and had ourselves the perfect end to a summer’s day.

I must have taken 100+ pictures that night of the veritable smorgasbord of TCBY goodness in pint-size and bars, including a ton of my sister’s family with their new baby, but I’m sharing some of my favorite pictures of the weekend’s celebrations with you here as well.  Grab yourself a bar, sundae or a cone, and enjoy our favorite and most creative photos.

The girls with their favorite TCBY treats – pink, of course:

Girls with TCBY cones

Showing off our cones – Chocolate Chocolate, Supreme Cookies & Cream, and Strawberry Swirl:

Family TCBY cones

Cheers! TCBY-style:

TCBY Cheers
Want to see more?  Head on over to my Google Plus album to see the full shopping trip with my amazing shopping buddies as well as more pics of the BBQ {cute baby alert!}.  Is it any wonder I love shopping?

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  1. I didn’t know about Camera Day either! We used to have a TCBY here in Hawaii but I think they’ve all closed. I don’t think the stores even sell them. 🙁


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