The Avengers: Six Super Heroes for the Price of One!

 This Friday, the summer blockbuster season officially kicks off when The Avengers hits theaters on May 4th.  Since we can't resist a bargain, with six super heroes in one movie we knew this was one flick we knew we couldn’t miss {BOG5 is a deal no one should pass up}.

AvengersEspecially since the last few years have been a sort of warm up for this movie with many of the main characters each having their own films, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, as the parents of young children, we’ve only managed to see the first Iron Man out of all those released, so we were a little worried about being out of our element. 

While there were definitely a couple jokes and things we weren’t familiar with, The Avengers completely holds up on its own.  Filled with tons of action, explosions, and a surprising amount of comedy, it was the perfect popcorn delivery device to kick off the summer {even if the calendar disagrees on the season}. While we came with high expectations for the action in the flick, we were quite surprised by how much comedy was infused in the plot and how well the actors even nailed the tiny nuances of their characters. 

One thing I was concerned about was having this many main characters in one movie could have resulted in a confusing jumble, especially since we’re not that familiar with the comics.  Luckily director Joss Whedon is used to working with large ensemble casts on shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, so that experience really came through to make The Avengers work well even for a couple relative newbies like us.   

Each character is devoted a good amount of time where you quickly realize their strengths and weaknesses and you can see how the team will work well together.  In fact, after how much I enjoyed all the heroes in The Avengers, I think now I’ll have to go back and see more of the previous movies as well, as soon as I can convince Leanne.

Even though the driving force behind The Avengers is these super heroes teaming up, I really enjoyed the fact that in the beginning many of them didn’t get along or apparently even like each other.  This added an extra layer of tension and comedy as they bickered and fought with each other all while the main villain 165980212,A9BE63587237A605F51grew stronger against them.  It actually made more sense that all these super heroes would have equally super sized personalities and differing opinions on how to take care of the bad guys. 

On top of a great cast of characters and great direction, I also love that The Avengers is being released in theaters in 3D!  Now, I know that is pretty common these days, but this is one of the first 3D movies I’ve seen where it felt really organic within the movie.  The 3D effects didn’t take me out of the film at all as opposed to some other films where the effects are really out of place and seemingly just to show off the fact that it is in 3D. 

While you could wait to see The Avengers when it is released on DVD, I truly feel this is a movie best seen at the theater.  The energy in the film combined with the 3D effects and larger-than-life atmosphere really make the film come alive.

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TylerWe got to attend a pre-screening of the movie in Seattle this week and this review is 100% our opinion of the film.

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