Happy Mother’s Day!

Tonight at a party, I spoke to a number of mothers and we discussed our children.  Some had newly empty nests, others had just welcomed their first child, some were now grandparents, and one was even preparing a wedding for their oldest next week. 

Even though this may be their first Mother's Day or their 70th, each one's eyes would light up when you wished them a wonderful Mother's Day.  Someone made a comment that Mother's Day, to them, was better than a birthday and everyone one in the conversation nodded.  I guess there's no doubt that there is something amazing about celebrating the special bond between mother and child, no matter how old the child or what your situation. 

So. to all you mothers out there, I want to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day.  Thank you for all that you do every day for your children, whether they are big or little.

And, because I can't resist a chance to share a picture, here's one of my favorites from this spring of my two grandmother's hands on my sister's pregnant belly.  My grandmothers are some of the most amazing people I know and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to wish them Happy Mother's Day in person each year as well as my husband's amazing grandmothers on his side. 

May we have many more years of celebrating with them! IMG_3495

Happy Mother's Day!

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