Gorgeous wooden Moover Toys have won our hearts

It would be hard to forget the first time you lay eyes upon Moover Toys. I remember vividly the first time I spotted them in the middle of the HABA booth at the ABC Kids Show in Kentucky, surrounded by buyers and gawkers that just wanted to get up close to all this cuteness. And, who can blame them, the Moover line is simply stunning.   

In addition to being gorgeous, the Danish Moover line is actually quite ingenious. Featuring a click key system that allows you to put them together {and, alternately, take them apart} with no tools, no pounding, and no complicated instruction manual, they are easy to build over and over. Instead of screws, nails, and tools, the wooden pieces of the Moover line have notched sides that fit together snugly like a puzzle, making this a great building {and, er, un-building} project for kids. 

The Moover Baby Truck arrived in a flat box that was surprising small, but opening it up I found all the pieces needed to build some amazing fun for our family. It came with one page instructions, but honestly, we didn’t need them – the pieces fit together in a very intuitive way and it’s easy to figure out how it all comes together. I especially like that you can choose whether or not to install the truck bed cover or the crane on the back, which adds to the creative fun of the truck.     

Moover Baby Truck
Although they are fun to build, once they are complete, they are truly a work of art. Just look at the Baby Truck in my son’s room. It doesn’t get much cuter than this, right? 

Moover in Bedroom
Believe it or not, playtime with the Baby Truck is even cuter, with two happy kids zooming around the house on the rubber-trimmed wooden wheels, towing their mini cars, and stowing their most precious toys in the covered truck bed or peeking out the front of the truck. 

IMG_5713Because it can be played with in so many ways, it seems like it’s always in use around our house. Whether they are driving it or their dolls are riding in it, it’s always rolling somewhere, and usually towing something else with wheels behind it. No matter where it’s going, it always looks and sounds like a whole lot of fun. 

As much as I love the adorable design of the Moover line, it’s the creativity it inspires that won my heart. I just love it when I hear the kids come up with a brand new game and it seems like the new games have been endless with the Baby Truck as part of their play. From race car drivers to doll taxi to tow truck and then to mechanic, there’s no shortage of imaginative play that you can create with a car that you can ride on, your toys can ride in, and you can take apart and “fix” over and over again.

IMG_4981It really doesn’t get better than a beautifully designed toy that encourages learning, imaginative play, and being active, but the Moover line manages to exceed my expectations on all fronts. In addition to the Baby Truck, the Moover line has a whole lot of amazing with 5 different toys that would delight any youngster and are each available in red or natural birch. We’re talking gorgeous, heirloom quality toys that are the stuff childhood is made of. Which Moover toy has won your heart?

To Buy: The Moover Baby Truck is available in both natural and red and is sold exclusively through HABA in the US.  The Baby Truck, as well as the rest of the Moover line, can be purchased at maukilo.com

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Moover Toys for sending a sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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