Easter Fun {Semi-Wordless Wednesday}

I know I’ve said this before, but I absolutely love Easter.  This year was even better than I expected because this year I had TWO kiddos running around hunting eggs and looking adorable.  Seriously, aren’t they just heart melting?

This year was also fun because the Easter Bunny {aka, me} got to do some fun and traditional basket stuffers now that the kids are older and are more interested in toys and goodies.  While I still didn’t stuff their baskets with candy, they both got some really cute bunnies and treats and were thrilled with what the big bunny left them. 

Although the kids probably would have preferred any of the gorgeous Easter gift baskets like the one below {but hey, who wouldn’t?}, I’ve still got a few more months before they start online shopping on their own.  This would have been a great basket to send to our niece who we weren’t able to see over the holiday weekend since she loves bunnies and it would have been so much better than shipping everything to us and then paying for postage to ship it all to her since this way it could go right to her door in a cute little basket. 

As for me?  I would have liked the basket below better than our candy-less baskets and for sure will be asking the EB for this next year.  Wine in an Easter basket?  Genius. 

So, what did the big bunny bring to your house?  Do you do store bought or do you create your own baskets?  Candy or no candy?

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