Whole Foods Lynnwood Opens March 15th

Recently, I‘ve been spending quite a bit of time in Lynnwood, WA.  Specifically, I’ve been spending crazy amounts of time at Babies R Us.  In all of my trips to help my sister register for Whole Foods Lynnwoodbaby, shop for the nursery, and finally, finish her baby to-do list, I’ve been watching the progress of the new Lynnwood Whole Foods Market across the street and have been so excited for the opening.

So, when they invited me to tour the new store and see for myself what makes Whole Foods different, of course I said yes.  My daughter and I headed down last Friday night and made a girls’ night for ourselves by scheduling the tour and then popping over to Alderwood Mall for an American Girl fix.  Surprisingly, the Whole Foods tour rated almost as high as the doll store, and she’s been begging to go back ever since we left. 

And, who can blame the girl – this store looks absolutely amazing!  Besides being America’s first national certified organic grocer, Whole Foods Markets are known for their ability to make grocery shopping feel like a luxurious treat and the new store does not disappoint.  While the Lynnwood store is a bit smaller than their other PNW locations, the new store boasts a cooking department, prepared foods counter {seriously – yummmm!}, children’s play area, local wine, beer and ales, grind-your-own nut butters, and more all along with the traditional grocery sections. 

Whole Foods Lynnwood Floor Plan
I personally like the feel of a local grocer, and even though the Lynnwood Whole Foods store is bigger than a corner mart, it still feels very much like an intimate setting in which you could actually ask the employees suggestions on what they recommend and get personalized service.  We got a chance to meet some of the many new employees of the Lynnwood store during our tour and They gave her cookiesthey were all so incredibly nice – especially to my daughter {who was the only 3 year old on the tour} – that I was completely sold that this would be my new go-to store when I’m in the area. 

My favorite section would have to be the prepared foods counter, but second to that would be their great selection of dairy.  I was literally shocked when I saw that it was $3.99 for a gallon of organic milk.  Seriously, if you buy organic you know how INSANE that is.  I might trek down there just for the milk.  Oh, and the cheeses.  And the produce and breads.  And then I might pick up my own fresh ground nut butter.  Jealous yet?

The Lynnwood store’s grand opening is happening tomorrow, March 15th and the festivities will start off at 8am with the doors opening at 9am.  Shoppers will enjoy free entertainment from the Lynnwood High School band, free coffee and breakfast as well as samples from over 15 vendors while they shop the new store.  Plus, be one of the Whole Body Swapfirst 100 visitors to the store and you will receive a free baguette and a reusable shopping tote!

If you can’t make the opening, be sure you mark on your calendar to attend their St. Patty’s Day “Whole Family Celebration” that will have some really great family events, vendors, and activities!  Find out more about all the store happenings here.

Find the new store at 2800 196th Street SW in Lynnwood, WA {right across from Babies R Us}

You can also check out the Lynnwood Whole Foods website, fan them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @WFMLynnwood to find out all the other fun stuff they have in the works!

I got to take part of their private tour and was given a tote bag filled with samples of some of the food they will have in store.  I was not asked to post this or enticed in any way and all opinions are 100% mine. 

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