Thinking Sun, Thinking Shade

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you hear the word “spring”, you are already thinking “summer”.  I love summer and think about it all year, so I’ve been known to start my garden too early, clean off the patio furniture prematurely, and generally start thinking sun months {and months} before I really should.  This year, thinking sun also has me thinking shade, because with two little ones that will be outside a good deal of the day, I know sunscreen isn’t going to be enough.

In thinking of ways to make shade, there’s really only one practical solution for us and that’s patio umbrellas.  While we’ve talked about building a gazebo over the patio numerous times, Patio umbrellas 2we’ve also talked about washing the car more often {and anyone who knows me know how that’s going}.  So, in the interest of getting something over the kiddos head by early summer, I’ve been doing a few searches looking at options and found the following tips of things to consider before buying at

{Note: these are just excerpts, you can find their tips in their entirety at their home page}:

Types – There are two types of coverings to consider for your home: patio and market. Patio sunshades are mounted on a stationary pole while market umbrellas are adjustable to bend in several directions for continuous protection as the sun moves. 

Sizes – The diameter of the shade determines the size of an umbrella. The general rule in choosing the correct size is the umbrella shade is 5 feet larger than the table. For example, a 30-inch table needs a 6-foot shade for complete protection.

Fabric – There are a wide array of fabrics to choose from when considering a protective umbrella. Some offer maximum UV ray protection. Others are resistant to mold and mildew.

Stands – If you choose an umbrella shade to cover a table, you will need a stand under the table to hold the pole and shade. Stands are made in several materials such as cast iron, plastic, concrete and steel. 

Costs – Your shade cover can cost as little as $49.95 up to thousands of dollars. For the most part, the quality of the fabric and the sturdiness of your pole will determine the cost.

I don't know about you, but now I’m really thinking sun!  I even found a few styles that might work for our space at and even look fid-friendly…  What do you think?  Could you see me lounging under there with the kiddos all summer long? {P.S. we don't have a pool… darn it!}

Patio umbrellas 3Offset umbrellas 2
Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions and thoughts are still 100% ours.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Sun, Thinking Shade”

  1. Its summer again and we can all feel the heat of the sun. We can enjoy the hot weather while we are under shades, and it is also safe for our skin not to be exposed in too much sunlight.

  2. Thanks for the tips, I need to find something for our new deck for elsie, she has very pale very sensitive skin!


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