First Haircuts at Bella and Max {Semi-Wordless Wednesday}

After months of struggling to get hair braided, spiked, and out of eyes before we could leave the house each day, we finally caved last week on St Patty's Day and scheduled the dreaded first haircut… for both kids at once.

First Haircuts
I will admit, I took way too many pictures, treated the hair clippings like gold, and did all the other things moms are supposed to do when they hit this milestone, only I was doing it for two.  Luckily, all the girls at Bella and Max know I'm not normally THAT mom, and they forgave me, just this once

The kiddos actually did pretty good, mostly because they were sitting in an airplane, playing with toys, and watching a video they got to choose themselves before the haircut even started.  Let me tell you, that's the way to do it, folks. 

St Pattys Day Haircuts
If you are in the PNW and are looking for a great place to take the kids, check out Bella & Max in Country Village in Bothell, WA.

Bella and Max
740 238th St SE, Suite A
Bothell, WA 98021

(425) 488-8200

Leanne Signature 2No compensation was received in exchange for this post, we just like the girls at Bella & Max and think you will, too.

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