MAM Personalized Pacifiers {Review & Discount Code}

When listing off the things my son loves, there’s really no debating the order.  His list of loves goes like this:
1)    Me, hubby, and his big sister
2)    His MAM pacifier
3)    What he refers to as his “magic” blanket that he can’t sleep without

As you can imagine, when I heard that MAM was coming out with a line of personalized pacifiers where you could add your own text to the center, there was really no question at all that we needed one.  The only real question was how we were going to personalize it.  Once we were on the site and ready to customize, there was a few moments of discussion and then we both agreed on the perfect personalization.

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We could have gone with his given name, a funny saying, or just his initials but in the end we went with “Danger”, a shortened form of “Dangerous Dimples”, which we have called him since he was born and now speaks to his wild side as well.  After it was chosen, it was as easy as choosing a color, a font and size and then mere moments later we had a set of two ordered for only $19.99.

Once they arrived a few days later, I was really excited to show them to everyone.  I thought they turned out really cute and love that the words are actually engraved into the pacifier so they won’t scratch off or fade with use.  I’ve seen other cheap printed-on pacis and was really excited that these look nothing like those; the MAM versions are really well done and, even better, they are also the only brand of pacifiers that my little one will use!

I already knew that as soon as my little man saw them he was going to go crazy, so I made sure to open them beforehand and get them all cleaned up and ready while he was napping.  When he woke up it was mere minutes and he had found his new paci, which he promptly traded his old one for. 

Mam PacifierAs I suspected, he loves his new pacifiers and has been using the two of them for the past week now.  Of course, he can’t read and has no idea that his pacifiers are personalized just for him, but he does like all the attention it gets him.  Now, when the woman in the checkout line at the grocery store calls him “Danger” she is sure to get a dose of his famous dimples, to which they always exclaim “those dimples are dangerous!”  Exactly.  
For more information, visit Mam personalized pacifiers.  Bonus: Receive 20% off ANY MAM Personalized Pacifier set  when you use coupon code MAM20 at check out! {hurry, this offer expires on February 29th!}

•    MAM soothies developed along with dentists & designers allow healthy jaw
•    Engrave with your child’s name, nickname, or your own clever saying
•    BPA-Free
•    Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors

They are also having a Facebook contest where you can win some of these awesome personalized pacifiers!

Leanne Signature 2We received a set of two pacifiers for review from MAM and Child's Play Team Mom and we simply adore them.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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