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Every kid needs a robot, right?  PlanToys thinks they do, which is why they have released the new PlanToys Build-A-Robot.  This isn’t your typical one size fits all robot, this is a special Build A Robot PlanToysfriend that kids can build to their specifications, and with their own distinct personality. 

Like everything PlanToys, the wooden Build-A-Robot is quality made and simply adorable.  Using eco-friendly and sustainable products, the Build-A-Robot is heirloom quality and ready for hours of play.  Made with interchangeable heads that kids can alternate between, removable legs, and removable and positionable arms, the Build-A-Robot allows kids to create their own special ‘bot quickly and easily.

Our little builders couldn’t have been more excited about building their own robot.  They each had a ton of fun changing the heads of the robot, making up their own stories and games for each new friend they created. 

Angry robot plantoysRun!  An angry robot is storming the town! 

Happy Robot PlanToys
No, no, not an angry robot, just hungry for strawberries.  Now we’re all friends and everyone is happy – just look at the happy ‘bot! 

This is what play time at our house usually sounds like, with the kids taking turns personalizing the robot and building towns and robot houses out of blocks.

Even though my son is just over a year old, he was easily able to figure out how to change the robot head just by pulling it off and pushing the new head back on.  Unscrewing the legs and replacing them was a bit advanced for him, but our three year old has no problem helping him.  Luckily the robot rarely ever sits down since they are so busy playing with it, so the legs pretty much always stays upright – unless of course the robot is practicing Taekwando… or eating strawberries at our daily tea parties.

While we eventually plan on displaying the PlanToys Build-A-Robot in our little guy’s room since it’s so adorable, it’s great that he can play with the robot as well since it’s so well made and durable.   It’s a rare toy that can spend all day playing and then be displayed beautifully when the day is done, but that’s exactly what the Build-A-Robot is. 

If you’re looking for the perfect toy to inspire imaginations and provide hours of play, the Build-A-Robot would be a perfect bet.  Whether you are displaying, playing, or both, it is sure to delight your little one.  Check out some of the other new PlanToys items just released and in stores now.  We got to see some of them in person at the ABC Kids Show in September and let me tell you, they are amazingly adorable!

Just look at all this cute-ness!  Wouldn't these look perfect in the new dollhouse from Santa?

PlanToys BBQPlan ToysPlanToys Garden

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to PlanToys for sending the Build-A-Robot for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this rave review.

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