Zubels Organic Hand-Knit Toys

Are you constantly searching for organic toys for your kids?  Have you noticed that when searching for organic toys, many of the selections that pop up are for babies?  It’s extremely Little Red Riding Hoodrare that you can find organic toys that can grow with your child and go from rattle to playmate, but that’s exactly what Zubels do. 

Their organic cotton, hand knit toys are made with eco-friendly dyes and are squeezably soft and ready for snuggling, but they are also ready for play time for years to come.  Zubel's newest line is especially play-ready with the addition of the fall and winter characters that includes football players, cheerleaders, and more to get your child imagining and playing.  Find the colors closest to your team's colors and get your little one some players and fans and you've got hours of fun while watching the game on TV.

Zubels Sports
We got to check out a football player from the Zubels line a few weeks back, and even though my son has no idea what football is or why his new little friend is wearing a helmet and protective gear, he does know how super soft and snuggly he is.  My daughter, on the other hand, realized quickly what he was and began showing him how to play {in her limited view of how the game is actually played}, which was pretty cute. 

Since he has arrived, our Zubels football player has been a constant during play time and at naptime as everyone wants to play with him and snuggle him.  I love that it’s such a quality made toy that I don’t worry about seams ripping, ends fraying, or anything else you run into with Zubel Carlesser-quality toys.  This is a truly awesome thing as I see a whole lot more play in his future.   

In addition to being eco-friendly, organic, adorable, and fun to play with, Zubels are also incredibly affordable.  I personally love this as it means that I can get more of them for my little guy and really add to the playtime fun.  And, judging from how much both of my kids love the Zubel we received, we will definitely be getting more.  For instance, that adorable pirate.  And Red Riding Hood.  And the mermaid.  Simply swoon-worthy, right?

Zubels start at under $15, which makes them completely affordable for baby showers, birthdays, and for starting a little collection for your little one.  Most designs come in various sizes as well to add to the fun.  See the full selection at zubels.us

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Zubels and An Island Life for this review opportunity.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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