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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Day 14

We have a tradition in our family of getting the kids new pajamas for the holidays.  Since this is the season of curling up by the fire with cocoa and tea, much of our evenings are spent in comfy PJs that are perfect for snuggling.  Besides being snuggly, it’s also adorable – Is there 253x253-3579anything cuter than kiddos in pajamas?  The answer is yes, kiddos in matching pajamas from Tea Collection. 

We got to see this cuteness in person these past few weeks and let me tell you, it’s heart melting.  We’ve never really gotten the kids nice pajamas before, we typically buy them on the clearance rack or get them handed down, which is probably why our pajamas are rags by the time they go through the last child.  Feeling the softness and quality of the Tea Collection pajamas I already knew that these would not be the same way and would definitely last through multiple children. 

It seems a little silly when you think about how much time kids spend in their pajamas that we had taken them so much for granted, but not anymore we don’t.  After being spoiled with the super soft fabrics of the Tea Collection, I don’t think our kids will 253x253-1212accept anything less.  And truthfully, after all this amazing snuggling we’ve been doing with the kids in their “cozy pajamas” from Tea, I don’t know if we can ever go back.

Beyond the high quality fabrics, the pajamas from Tea Collection also have the fun style that we love so much in all of their children’s clothing.  Inspired from and highlighting styles from around the world, Tea Collection is a great way to have clothing you won’t see everywhere while bringing different cultures into your kids’ world. 

As strange as that seems, it really does ring true.  We ordered boys pajamas in an Asian theme, with origami birds on one set and Koi fish on the other, both of which have started conversations with our very curious daughter.  It’s pretty crazy to end up spending half of our bedtime routine explaining what Koi are, then go into our experiences 253x253-1214feeding them and how big and colorful they are, all from her curiosity of what the pretty fish on her clothes is.  Not to mention, now apparently we need to learn origami. 

If you are looking for adorable and quality made pajamas for your little one or perhaps a gift for someone else’s, look no further than Tea Collection.  With an unbeatable mix of style and culture and a bonus dose of super snuggly, they are the perfect pajamas for enjoying all that winter has to offer.  Tea Collection Pajamas come in sizes 6 month all the way to 12 years and the girls pajamas easily coordinate with the boys, which makes them perfect for matching PJs for siblings or cousins, even when there’s a large age gap.  From family movie night, decorating the tree, and even Christmas morning, wouldn’t your kids look cuter in matching pajamas from Tea Collection? 

Shop now at Tea Collection and find everything from sleepwear to activewear for your little one {and maybe even something for yourself, too… did you know they have women's clothing?  They do and it is awesome!}

Tea Pajamas matching
Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Tea Collection for sending the matching pajamas for the little ones.  As you can see, they love them.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Aren’t matching PJs the best? I grew up with 4 brothers/sisters with a huge age range so matching PJs were out of the question, but I’m so happy I can do it for my kids!


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