Have Yourself a Merry Little… Pillsbury Potluck

This last weekend we hosted a little party for some family and friends to celebrate some December birthdays and enjoy the start of the Holiday season.  We had each guest bring a PILLSBURY_DOUGHBOY_Finalrecipe they had gotten from Pillsbury.com so we could all try it and ultimately vote on the recipe we liked the most.

As each guest arrived, we set out their creations so everyone could sample them and start picking a favorite.  We had cookies, rolls, pizza, pepperoni and cheddar twists, broccoli veggie pizza, chicken pot pies, and more that we sampled during the night and all of us were stuffed by the time the night was over.  During the party, every single person was raving about the same thing: they couldn’t believe they could make all these dishes with Pillsbury refrigerated dough and they were thrilled to find the Pillsbury.com site for recipes during the holiday baking season.    

AG_InspirationHat_MainThe great thing about the Pillsbury recipes you can find at the site is that there are quick and easy recipes, impressive recipes, and ones that fall under both categories.  I love that they have so many 30 minute or less meals that now I have a go-to site for easy weeknight dinners.  Many guests noted that they have also bookmarked the site and will be returning regularly to find new meals they can make. 

Crescent dogsEven with the numerous recipes listed on the site, we did have two guests that made the same dish and brought Crescent Dogs {one with hot dogs, one with Lil’ Smokies}, but no one seemed to mind one bit and they both were gone by the end of the night.  In fact, these dishes were named the best of the bunch and everyone said they were the staple of their holiday parties.  It wasn’t that the other dishes weren’t delicious {because they really, really were}, it’s just that Crescent Dogs are so great for party-style potlucks – kids love them, they go well with other types of food, and they have almost zero mess.

Of course, the guests also really loved the pot pies, pizza and the twists, but I think those work better as a weeknight meals since they need utensils and plates.  Not that anyone minded at all… and those were also gone by the end of the night, especially once the guys got to them.   

Pepperoni Twists
As guests were leaving, they were thrilled that they got some “favors” to help with their holiday meal planning that included recipes shared at the party and some coupons for Pillsbury products. 

IMG_1582Want to host your own Pillsbury Potluck or plan for the holiday meals?  Check out Pillsbury.com for more quick and easy dish ideas for parties, desserts and quick meals for the family.  Be sure to like the Pillsbury Facebook page to keep up with new recipes, promotions and more.  Bonus: when doing your holiday shopping, you will love that you can print a coupon for Pillsbury products here.

Here's some other great recipes perfect for entertaining this Holiday Season:

Leanne Signature 2The Pillsbury product, information, food ideas, online coupon link, and prize pack have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.

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  1. Hooray! This is great! I love Pillsbury but don’t usually think about using their stuff as another ingredient in a meal; usually just a side…. or dessert. We love crescent dogs around here too!


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