BigJigs Wooden Trains and Railways

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Day 27

There are certain toys that every young child needs, regardless of gender.  On the top of that list, of course, is a wooden train track.  Maybe this is why wooden train sets still remain one of the most classic Christmas gifts of all time, and are sure to be delighting children of all ages this year.  There’s just something special about using your imagination to build your own train and then zooming down the tracks you’ve designed – over bridges, under overpasses, and Bigjigs-rail-wooden-railwaycoming to rest at their destination. 

For 25 years BigJigs has been famous for their amazing train sets in Europe and now they are bringing that expertise to the States just in time for the holidays.  If you haven’t been introduced to BigJigs before, you will definitely want to check out their amazing line of wooden heirloom quality toys and playsets, starting with the two we reviewed this holiday season, the Polar Glacier Playset and the Rose Cottage Doll House.  Whether you have a little world explorer or you have a castle or doll enthusiast, there is something wonderful waiting for you at BigJigs.

And, their wooden train collection is definitely amazing.  One look at the extensive BigJigs Rail collection and I’m sure will be blown away as I was.  From train stations, mountains, and suspension bridges all the way to specialty cars, engines, sheds, personalized trains and more, BigJigs truly does have it all to create your own mini metropolis. We got to check out two pieces in the BigJigs Railway line these past few weeks, the Princess Train and 20 piece My First Train Set, and New-productsboth of these are simply exquisite. 

As with almost all of BigJigs products, their My First Train Set delivers a fun toy that has exceptional quality and beautiful design, as well as one of my favorite features – their products are sold as sets with all the pieces included that you need to kickstart the fun.  In the case of the 20 piece My First Train Set, I was thrilled to find that it comes complete with a small circular track, two houses, some trees, and a 3 car train, which is perfect for my son’s age and stage.

The Princess Train is a four piece princess carriage themed BJT451train set that is perfect for the girly-girl train enthusiast, which I think is pretty awesome since that describes my daughter perfectly.  This is a great add-on piece since it is compatible with all wooden railways and adds a great feminine touch to any train set.

These past few months have been all about BigJigs at our house and it’s clear there’s no end in sight.  With a BigJigs Doll House and the BigJigs My First Train Set and Princess Train to be opened on Christmas morning, you can imagine what kind of amazement and excitement will be sure to follow.  I’m not preparing myself for a fun holiday, I am preparing for an epic morning that will culminate in each child meeting their perfect toy match. 

My son who loves anything with wheels is going to be over-the-top excited about his first train set and my daughter is going to love being able to play right beside him.  Just picturing them Bjt010-my-first-train-setplaying together makes me wish Christmas morning was here now.  To say that the BigJigs Railway playsets are going to be well-loved is an understatement; they are going to be the start of my little engineers learning about gravity and cause and effect, using their imaginations to build, and discovering how things go.  What could be more magical than that?

While not every BigJigs heritage playset has made it to the States yet, you can still find a good selection at many local toy stores nationwide.


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