The Many Adventures of Zylie the Bear {+ huge discount tomorrow 8/20!}

Day 31 – Get Out and PLAY… with a snuggly plush friend

There are few things more exciting than a bear with a passport showing up at your door.  Unless of course that bear also has a map, a tote, a satin-lined coat, her own book, and some of the cutest accessories you’ve ever seen.  Meet Zylie the Bear, the most amazing travel friend, adventure seeker, and snuggle partner a kid could ever want.

Zylie the bear kit If you had witnessed the excitement that overwhelmed our house when Zylie the Bear arrived on our porch, you would understand the love that can exist between child and bear.  Just one look at the adorable Zylie and you will truly see what all the fuss is about.  Quality details, soft fur, and a stunning face paired with posable limbs make it clear that Zylie the Bear is no ordinary stuffed animal – she’s a childhood friend.

Zylie the Bear is a fashionable and cuddly bear that is the star of her own book, “The Adventures of Zylie the Bear.”  Spending her days traveling the world and learning about the people and places she visits, Zylie is always up for anything.  If my daughter hadn’t already been so taken by Zylie upon first meeting, their shared love of adventure would have sealed the deal.  

Zylie tote These past few weeks we found Zylie to be the perfect travel partner since she is fun and interactive like a doll, but also snuggly and soft for the journey as well as for bedtime once you get there, making her like two toys in one.  Throw in some of her adorable accessories like her tote, diary, and passport, and she’s endless amounts of fun for little ones.  The only thing that would have made her a better travel partner would be a special Zylie the Bear child-sized backpack that Zylie could ride in to keep clean, have a great vantage point, and hold all of her various accessories.  Since my daughter loved traveling with her so much, I might be forced to make my own backpack carrier for her and her flair at some point.     

2A01_1 Speaking of flair, in addition to the adorable skinny jeans and signature flounce top she arrived in, Zylie also has a whole line of fashionable clothing you can purchase separately, thanks to their esteemed clothing designer Katie Fong.  Something we really loved is that because Zylie is 18” tall and is built more like a doll than a bear, she can use some of the accessories I kept from my doll collection growing up.  This had led to hours upon hours of creative play and now when we are out we are always on the lookout for Zylie-sized items to add to the fun.  

1B01_0 In addition to Zylie the Bear, you can also purchase Shen the Panda, who is featured in the Zylie stories.  This is great if you have more than one child or simply if Zylie needs a friend {other than your child, of course}!  In addition to being simply adorable, Zylie and Shen also serve as strong role models for kids and introduce them to different cultures and places, which helps your child learn about the world around them.  Find out more about how Zylie and Shen are helping kids with more than geography at the Zylie the Bear Goals page!

Want to know how to get a great deal on Zylie the Bear for your little one?  Mark your calendars for tomorrow, August 20th and check out the at 5pm PST.  I’m not sure of the details yet, but hopefully you will be able to take advantage of a discount to buy!  Find out more at or follow them on Facebook to hear about promotions and discounts, including the deal!  Zylie Love small

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Zylie the Bear for sending a new friend to love.  We all simply adore her and are looking forward to expanding our collection this year.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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