Happy Summer Solstice!

It's {finally} summer!  Can I get a woo hoo? 

Seriously, Washington was dealt the worst. spring. ever.  As in a snowy spring.  As in record rainfall.  Bleh!  I really couldn't be happier to welcome summer after such a long, wet, and cold spring. I say bring on the sun!

Oh, and that spring/summer event about getting outside and playing?  Yes, it's still happening, but the emphasis ended up being pushed a little more on the summer portion.  Can you blame me – who wants to review outdoor equipment in the rain?  Stay tuned for the last half of the Get Out and PLAY event, which just might take place OUTSIDE! 

{P.S. it's still got thousands more in giveaways coming up!}

Also, you may have noticed that Rave and Review made the leap to Facebook.  Yes, THE FACEBOOK, the one that everyone including your dear old grandma is now a member of.  Well, Rave and Review finally got wind of it and is taking it by storm… with a whopping 180-ish fans as of today. 

Wanna share some love and come and keep me company on Facebook?  I've got a caption contest going for no other reason than the fact that I couldn't squeeze a conversation out of anyone and was starting to get scared that I might talk to myself forever on there before someone responded.  Feel free to suggest a caption, or just to start any sort of conversation at all… Really.  At all. 

Have a wonderful Summer Solstice today and enjoy this picture I snapped of my daughter for her third birthday…

3 years

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