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ChristineA0513 If you have a little fashionista like I do, then you probably spend a good deal of time searching for hair accessories that are spunky, adorable, and show off their personality perfectly.  In my hunt for that perfect accessory, I found Lizzie, Izzie + James, a company that makes a whole collection of the most adorable handcrafted hair clips, headbands, and even crowns {can’t leave the boys out, can we?} that any little one would love.  Whether you are looking for flair for everyday or for special occasion pieces, you are bound to find the perfect accessory at Lizzie, Izzie + James. 

OwlClipHolder-62330_2 But, then once you have all these adorable handcrafted clips, how do you keep them from being carried all around the house, leaving you running around to collect them in order to get ready each morning?  Lizzie, Izzie + James has you covered with Lulu the Owl, the cutest little clip holder I’ve ever seen.  Not only does little Lulu keep those clips from taking over your home, it also allows them to be displayed as art and enjoyed every day. 

I was so excited to see Lulu the Owl in person to help organize our growing collection of hair accessories.  So, of course I was thrilled when she arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully and all ready for giving, which I think is a testament to the great customer service that you can expect from Lizzie, Izzie + James.  We're talking next day shipping, flat rate shipping as low as $3, and one of the best refund policies, ever.  Truly awesome, right?

Lizzie Izzie James Package Within minutes, Lulu was out of the package and being snuggled by my daughter.  The large size of Lulu paired with her squeezably soft body makes her seem more like a stuffed friend than a traditional wall piece, something that made my daughter squeal with delight.  And, who can blame here, Lulu certainly is snuggle-able.  Handcrafted in premium 70-100% wool felt that is beautiful and incredibly soft and measuring in at a plump 8” x 8”, she is pretty much irresistible. 

Lulu in Package While at first my daughter was content to play with what she thought was the coolest owl plush ever, she was soon wondering why on Earth Lulu had a long ribbon attached to her.  I explained that the two pieces of ribbon were not an owl leash as she originally thought, but instead they were to hold her clips.  She was so excited she immediately ran to her room and began loading Lulu up.  Because my daughter has a huge collection of accessories, I love that the grosgrain ribbon measures a nice 30 inches long (including the flower) can hold quite a few clips easily and beautifully.

Lulu Clip Holder Once Lulu was hung in her room with her clips all attached, we both sat back and admired how cute she looks.  Not only is it great having all the little clips in one place, it saves us so much time each morning because it is really easy to match clips to clothes when they are all nicely displayed.  But, even better than all this organization is how cute it looks on the wall and the fact that my daughter loves her new friend Lulu!

CrownRobot If you are looking for little clips, bows, headbands and more, you should definitely check out Lizzie, Izzie + James and see all the adorable handcrafted cuteness.  Then, once you have a collection of adorable accessories picked out, just add Lulu the Owl to your cart and help you get your little one gorgeous in half the time.  Next on my wish list is a handcrafted crown for my little boy so he can have a little bit of Lizzie, Izzie + James for himself!

Connect with Lizzie, Izzie + James on Facebook and on their blog {P.S. I did notice a nice COUPON CODE on the Lizzie, Izzie + James Blog that goes until April 15th!}


Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to Lizzie, Izzie + James for sending Lulu to be adored.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Love ur picture a lot and its a very lovely post too..What a Excellent idea to implement the little fashionista. The way u have written this article is simply adorable!!! I feel like getting this one for myself… Superb post!!!


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