The Butterfly Orb: Interactive Art from Childhood and Beyond

When decorating a nursery there are a lot of things to keep in mind.  Not only do you want something that is truly special for your baby in the color scheme you have chosen, what is great is if you can find items that can grow with your child and become a fixture in the room during childhood.  As someone who sees a lot of baby products, many with incredibly short time lines, I can attest to the fact that that not many items meet these specifications.

BO2 So, when I find something really special that can be customized and personalized for my child and that can grow with them, I want to tell everyone about it.  Top of that list is the Butterfly Orb which is a truly unique take on a baby mobile and definitely not just for babies.  Instead of the plush crib mobile that needs to be taken down when baby is just a few months old, the Butterfly Orb could {and should} become a centerpiece for your child’s room through childhood and beyond.      

In the Butterfly Mobile, delicate butterflies are attached to strands of wire and then twisted into a lightweight orb that you hang from the ceiling so that it gently moves with even the slightest movement.  This makes them fun to just sit and watch, soothing for babies and kids, and incredibly beautiful in many different spaces in your home. 

It is simple to customize your special mobile by choosing the size of the orb, the colors, and whether or not you want to add feathered butterflies.  While not necessary, I would highly recommend adding the feathered butterflies to add dimension and that extra special touch to your mobile.  For my daughter’s special orb, I ended up choosing three different colors for the small butterflies and then added a fourth color with the feathered option and it all went together really nicely once constructed.     

L on Bed Once designed, I couldn’t wait to see my custom butterfly mobile and was really excited when the box holding it arrived in mere days.  While at first I thought someone had mistakenly shipped an empty box because of how light it was, when I opened it up I was incredibly excited to see the beautiful Butterfly Orb inside.  At first your orb will be compressed slightly for shipping, so all you need to do is gently shape it however you would like and then hang it up to enjoy.  My daughter and I had fun doing this together as she was so excited to get it hanging in her bedroom to watch the butterflies dance around her bed.

After it was hanging in the room, I tied in some special notes from the grandparents and hubby and I as well as a tiny hanging crystal to make it even more personal.  I have plans to update it regularly so I can have the special people in her life write her little messages to leave in the Butterfly Orb.  For now I can read them to her, but eventually she will read herself and be able to collect them for her scrapbook.  As cool as we all thought the Butterfly Mobile was before it was hanging, it quickly became even more beloved once we really made it ours.

Butterfly Orb Now my daughter enjoys making slight breezes so the orb will spin and swing above her bed each night and having me read the notes that were written just for her.  She loves how the butterflies all move gracefully while she drifts off and I love that it’s an age-appropriate piece of interactive art that I can give my daughter.
As someone who is incredibly sentimental about my daughter’s room and doesn’t want to part with anything, I love when I can find products that I don’t have to pack up in mere weeks.  The Butterfly Mobile is absolutely perfect for me because I can see so many opportunities to enjoy the orb in the years to come without worrying that it will become “too babyish”.  I love the idea that my daughter can have something to watch now as she’s soothing herself to sleep and still enjoy that same piece of art as she’s daydreaming of where she wants to go to college 17 years from now. There certainly aren’t a lot of things you can say that about! 

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to ButterflyOrb for providing us with a sample to facilitate my review {and adore} and one to giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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  1. I would customize my mobile with Nursery Mobile in Pink, White and Black Butterfly Mobile.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  2. I would get the Blue and Iridescent Butterfly Mobile with three Feathered Butterflies added, perhaps all blue ones, perhaps some blue and some purple ones

  3. I might try a custom combination of black, silver and irridescent butterflies with three feathered butterflies, either blue or purple, depending on which go better with the color choices

  4. I would customize my mobile like this: 20% iridescent, 40% sage, 40% cream. I then would add in 2 green feathered butterflies.

  5. I would love one with green, pink, purple reg. butterflies and an iridescent green or blue feathered ones…and I would add my own motivational quotes and appropriate protection gem stones…heavensent1@yahoo dotcom

  6. I like the butterfly mobile in grey, creme, and pink with three lilac feathered butterflies

  7. I’d customize by getting the Butterfly Mobile in Grey,Creme and Pink with Three Lilac Feathered Butterflies.

  8. Oh my, these are gorgeous! I’m in the process of designing nursery #4 but this time it’s our first time with a GIRL! So little luxuries like these would make it ever so special. Even though I LOVE the grey, creme, and pink one, I would truly love a pink and green one to match the crib bedding I just ordered!!

  9. These are really breathtaking! I think I would like silver, teal, and mint green for my niece’s room!

  10. I really love the grey, pink and cream with purple combination feathered butterly in ur daughter’s, Hope she like it a lot..

  11. I’m in love with this. Can you have four colors? I can’t choose between sage or cream with lavender and pink. So pretty!

  12. Hi there. I stumbled across the Butterfly mobiles on Etsy and got here. I am expecting my first child in June and I’m really into unique, eclectic modes of decorating, so of course I was drawn to the mobiles. I would use dark blue, light blue, and silver as my main methods of customizing the mobiles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Love this! I am going to get one for my soon arriving daughter! I was wondering where you got the great pink tree curtains- I also have an owl theme in the new nursery and these look great!

  14. I would customize the 3 feathered butterfly orb and would choose green feathered, lilac, and pink. Thank you for a chance to win!

  15. This would be perfect for my daughter’s new room. I would go with cream, pink, a few grey and a few purple feathered butterflies. It would go perfectly with her freshly painted dark grey/green walls and cream, lavender and pink bedding.

  16. Sent out emails to some friends, although just spoke with my friend and she said it went to her junk mail.

  17. I would pick a purple butterfly mobile, that is more open so it would have movement to it. My daughter is ten and has Aspergers, she has sleep issues and this might help her to sleep – having it over her bed to look at at night – in her favorite colour. Very nice!

  18. I would probably personalize it for my nieces or my new baby niece in pink, white, purple and blue or green!

  19. I would customize the colors to go with my living room (red, gray, silver, black) and add a few feng shui messages.

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