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I resolve to… buy quality cooking gadgets (…and thus cook more)

A few years ago my husband and I decided that since we couldn’t go out to a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner, the next best thing would be to cook something special at home.  We came up with the idea for each of us to think of a dish we wanted to make and then to go buy a cooking gadget we could use to make it on Valentine’s Day. 

The great thing is that it actually was a lot of fun looking forward to cooking together, and it was also neat to be able to use a new kitchen gadget to make it extra special.  Even with the special kitchen gadget exchange, the dinner in for the holiday was still substantially cheaper than a fancy dinner out, and we each got to open something on the day of.  Even better was that each Valentine’s Day gadget purchased added to our collection and every time we used it throughout the year it would remind us of how much fun we had cooking together.

881 Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I am once again searching for my perfect dish to cook and the best gadget to surprise hubby with.  If you read my earlier post when I professed our love for all things Rösle, it’s not going to come as any surprise that they were the first place I turned to find something practical, beautiful, and incredibly high quality.

When I found the Rösle Garlic Press I knew I had found the perfect new kitchen tool for us.  Just look at it, it’s beautiful, right?  When you actually hold and feel how great it feels in your hand, you will literally be searching for dishes to use it in.  Since I personally think fresh garlic tastes good on 82% of all the dishes I cook, it really didn’t take long for me to plan a menu that would be perfect to 12782 create with the new Garlic Press.

As pretty as the press is, what really stands out is how completely practical it is as well.  The large wedge shaped basket can handle huge cloves as well as numerous smaller cloves at once, and can even press unpeeled garlic cloves easily.  The leverage mechanism is incredibly easy to press with minimal effort, which makes it practical to use even for large amounts of garlic without wrist strain. 

The crushed garlic all comes out evenly and is very uniform, something I wasn’t expecting because I was thinking it would essentially work like a mini ricer and it would come out fast at first and then taper off.  I read up a bit more on the Rösle Garlic Press and realized that the special shape of the basket and the sharpened holes give it the most uniform size and texture, which gives you a better finished product.  This may not seem that exciting until you start using the press and see how the garlic is completely smooth so it can spread easily on breads, meats, veggies and more as well as making it easy to add to recipes.   

EH Then, when it’s time for cleanup, the sieve component swings open for easy cleaning with no parts to remove and nothing to lose.  You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, as is the case with just about all Rosle products.  Once it dries, we will simply hang it up on our Rösle open kitchen system by the round ring in the handle and it will look gorgeous as well as be easy to grab for quick garlic additions.  
If you’re looking for something special for the cook in your life, you should definitely check out all Rösle has to offer.  From the simple and basic essentials to the obscure but beautiful, they have a whole range of gadgets that would make any cook’s day. 

Something we have learned in our quest for high quality and exceptional cooking gear is that if your tools and gadgets are beautiful, functional, and incredibly fun to use, you actually will.  You may even find yourself looking forward to using them throughout the year and thus looking forward to cooking, making it the gift that keeps on giving!
Item #: 12782
Size: Length: 7.9 inches
Price: $39.00 

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A big thank you to Rosle for providing the sample for review as well as offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I would love the Rosle lockable thongs…
    I subscribed, I tweeted, I posted button on my blog and put a post on my blog with trackbackable link back to rave and review and I voted.

  2. The Rosale spoon (which hardly looks like a spoon) would be great for stirring large pots of chili, spaghetti sauce and soups!
    I would so love a garlic press that really works like it’s supposed to work too.

  3. Entered the Emile Henry Flame Top Tagine giveaway! Besides being so functional, it would look great in my navy kitchen. :o)

  4. 2-I am an email subscriber!
    (Did my 1st entry go through? The one where I said I need the wire cheese slicer? I don’t see it, but it could be in moderation…)

  5. I would love the Rosle lockable strips.I subscribed, I tweeted, I posted on my blog button and a post on my blog with link trackbackable, aft type rave and review and I voted.

  6. I would love to get the Rösle Dual Functioning Mini Grill & Oven Thermometer. My husband always has a hard time knowing when meat is done and these would be great.

  7. they have a nice looking pizza cutter which is something else(besides a garlic press) that i have been needing!

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