Raves Faves {2010 Edition}

Okay, I know most top 10 lists are done at the end of December to recap the year and January 16th is a bit late to be debuting our wrap up, but this list was the product of a very heated debate that took two weeks to finalize.  It started as a discussion of what we would grab if the house went up in flames (*after our children, naturally*) and then turned into a battle of wills, but the end result was a list that is, without a doubt, amazing.  If you haven’t checked out our reviews of each of these products, I invite you to click on the links below:

The Cricut.  Oh, what can be said about the ultimate crafting machine besides ‘I want one’?  From signs to scrapbooking to screenprinting, it’s really no secret we love our Cricut.  We even designed a special place for it in our new craft/play room.

BABYBJORNTravelCotLight-Silver BabyBjorn Travel Crib Lite.  Perhaps a better way to profess our love for this travel crib would be to tell the story of the vacation when we forgot the BabyBjorn crib at home.  Unfortunately, none of us want to remember that trip, a prime example of why the BabyBjorn crib is one of our top picks of 2010.

HearthSong Exclusive Wooden Retro Kitchen.  The thought of this kitchen ever being outgrown seriously brings tears to my eyes.  I’ve already decided I’m keeping it for the grandkids. 

Tassimo T20 Coffee Brewer.  My husband loves making a fresh cup of premium coffee in mere moments before he runs off to work.  I like waking up to the smell of his brewing coffee, reminding me that there is a snowman mug downstairs that’s calling my name and waiting for me to make my special brew so I can start my day.

Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse.  Hands down the cutest thing in our backyard.  Well, unless of course my daughter is out there playing with it, and in which case it’s the second cutest thing in our backyard.

Shun Edo Chef’s Knife.  A true thing of beauty whether it’s in its wooden stand or effortlessly chopping.  My husband and I look for any and all excuses to use it.

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor.  The best video monitor we have tried and the one we recommend to all of our friends.  Pan, tilt, zoom… awesome.

Img64m Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  Custom-made ice pops from your favorite beverages and fruit while you watch; what’s not to love? 

HABA Fay Finja Soft Doll.  Yet another reason to love Maukilo, as if you needed another.

WellnessMats.  Heaven forbid you accidentally stand on the Wellness Mat in our kitchen you will be firmly scolded by our two year old.  Please stay off of Mama’s Mat, she loves it much. 

MamaRoo.  I love this little baby seat almost as much as my son does.  I never take having two free hands for granted. 

StarlightEXPmd Deuter EXP Starlight Youth Sleeping Bag.  It grows by inches in mere seconds, just like your kids. 

George Foreman Evolve Grill.  The Evolve Grill is my favorite kitchen appliance of 2010 and it’s to thank for some of my most creative (and delicious) new recipes.  I don’t know what I did without it.

Mauviel M'héritage Copper Cookware.  Perhaps you already read my love letter to Mauviel during our Cozy At Home Event, but if not you should check it out.  Every time I catch sight of the Mauviel pan hanging in our kitchen I feel like cooking.  How many other things can you say that about?

Waterpik Water Flosser.  Who said oral care is boring?  Not us with our fancy schmancy new gadget and our flair for mixing the perfect mouthwash-and-water cocktail, that’s for sure. 

BlueRedKaZAM_BoysStanding_web KaZAM Balance Bike.  Adorable, practical, and tons of fun is pretty much the recipe all kids companies should follow and KaZAM got it right straight out of the gates.  I can’t wait for spring to arrive so we can zip down the bike trails with the wee ones on the KaZAM. 

Heart for Hearts Girls Dolls.  Playtime becomes an opportunity to learn about helping others and giving back to others.  Plus they are truly exquisite.

Flip SlideHD.  In over a year we took approximately 15 minutes of footage of our daughter with our old video camera.  In a little over two months I have logged over two hours of Flip video of my babes now that I’m always ready for action when they are. 

Magic Cabin Tree Trunk Fairy Home.  Adorable out of the package and even more so the longer you play with it.  Which, if I have my way, will be forever. 

ThinkGeek.  Okay, so this isn’t a favorite thing as much as it’s a favorite store.  A mind-blowingly awesome store that sells just about every cool gadget you never knew you needed.  We did two reviews for them {here & here}, that's how seriously awesome they are. 

Do you have any favorite posts from 2010?  Anything you would like to see in 2011?
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  1. Wow, the Rave Faves are totally awesome. These stuff are so nice and cool as well. I want those dearly for my kids but I bet these does not come cheap so what I will do is save so I can, maybe, get one of these this year for my kids. I just can’t get my eyes off of these because they are so stunningly wonderful especially the bikes. My kids would love to have those.


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