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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 35

Many of you will remember when my two year old got her own apartment this last summer.  Well, it turns out that living on your own is expensive, because it appears my little one has also gotten herself a job. 

In fact, I think she’s working overtime these days based on the number of hours I’ve seen her clock this past month.  I can’t even tell you how many times she’s said to me “No, I can’t Mama… I’m working”.  One might say I’m cold and heartless for making a toddler work this hard, but if you saw how excited she was to go to work each day you would know why I let her put in such long hours.  But, in all honesty, who wouldn’t want to go to work every day if your work station looked like this?   

Admit it, you’re ready to clock some overtime, too, aren’t you?

Even though my daughter tends towards the pink and girly, I recognized right away that she also was very interested in every home improvement project my husband embarked on and that she has a strong desire to figure out how everything works.  Because I really like my furniture and don’t feel like replastering the walls any time soon, I knew we needed to get her a workbench of her very own that she could use to fix and create. 

Having been a huge fan of Step2 since I was young, I knew they were just the company to turn to when finding that perfect workshop setup for her.  And, even though I imagined that they would make a pretty awesome workshop, I was completely blown away by all the cuteness that is the Step2 Deluxe Workshop

Just as you would expect from Step2, the workshop is completely sturdy, it comes with adorable accessories that are scaled for their small hands, and it can entertain more than one child for so much longer than other toys.  But, I really wasn’t expecting a realistic “working” electric drill that even comes with an additional bit to tighten the included plastic screws.  I also hadn’t even dreamed of a working shop light, an awesome saw that makes noise, or the 50-piece accessory set that includes screws, nuts, Durafoam “wood”, hammer, pliers, screwdriver, vise and more as well as the instructions to create actual projects with the included pieces.      
All of these pieces store right in the Deluxe Workshop for safe keeping and make them easy to find when it’s time to work.  Small parts go in the workbench drawer, large pieces go in the cabinet that looks just like a tool chest, quick grab tools hang on the peg board hooks, and nuts and bolts store easily in clear plastic jars hanging below the cabinet. 

PTRU1-8436926_alternate1_reg The integrated shop vac is there for a deep clean, which doesn’t actually suck up objects (thank you, Step2!) but does have a nice flexible hose for reaching the entire surface.  If, by chance, a toy or 6 does get dropped into the vacuum hose, you will be happy to know that they will simply slide right through to the workbench cabinet for easy removal. 

I am really excited that my daughter loves the Step2 Deluxe Workshop so much and wants to spend hours playing with it each day.  And, judging by how much she adores all of her Step2 toys, I know she is going to enjoy her work bench for years and years to come.  As she grows and is able to create more complex pieces, the Deluxe Workshop projects are perfect for her to try and master – and then she can have fun making her own creations when she tires of the included ideas.   

PTRU1-8436926_alternate2_reg Besides being a great toy that is hours of fun, great for developing small motor skills, and can grow with your child, it’s also the same high quality construction that I expect from Step2.  Her Step2 play kitchen she got in 2009 and her playhouse she got in March of this year still look absolutely brand new despite the fact that dozens of kids have been playing with them for so many months and the playhouse is outdoors, so I know that the Deluxe Workshop will last through all of my kids and still be a great looking piece.

Price: The Step2 Deluxe Workshop retails for $139.99.  It is currently available at Walmart and can be shipped to your local store or right  to your front door in time for Christmas!

If you are on the fence about getting smaller presents this year or one large gift, I would highly recommend going with the larger Step2 set for all its extended play value as well as the fact that it can be used by multiple kids of multiple ages – all at the same time!  Step2 even has great “Deal of the Holi-Day” on their site that gives you the best prices on some of their best selling toys.  While you are at the site, you should check out the great holiday promotions Step2 is running, including the “Sweet Treat” national sweepstakes and their Step2 Wish Book. 

Little Ones Can Write Letters to Santa
In spirit of holiday wishes, adults can encourage their kids to write letters to Santa via the Step2 Wish Book website ( and make a wish-list for their favorite toys. Grown-ups can print out the list and email it to share with other family members.

You can start your wishlist and then shop directly from as well as connecting with Step2 on Facebook and following Step2 on Twitter

Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to Step2 for sending a workbench for our whole family to adore this holiday season.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Omg! That’s hillarious about going to work and working OT!! She can’t go because she has to work that’s priceless!! No i will not remember i posted here! haha

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