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Logo Tea is the drink of choice here at Rave Central.  Whether it is served over ice or steaming in our special snowman mugs we use year-round, our tea cabinet is one of the most used cupboards in our kitchen.  Until recently, I thought we owned just about every cool tea gadget known to man (hence the entire tea cabinet) and I didn’t think we would ever be wowed again. 

11004_main_4 That was before we found Takeya USA, the manufacturers of all sorts of tea makers and food storage containers that I was shocked to find had alluded us for so long.  We got to try out the Takeya Tea Maker with Jacket in 40oz and are absolutely in love.  The Tea Maker is designed to brew any kind of tea, whether that is bagged, loose leaf or flowering and is incredibly simple to use and maintain. 

The Takeya Tea Maker is made of AcraGlass™ that is BPA free and feels like really high quality plastic.  It comes with a tea infuser basket that screws into the airtight lid and has a handle with a silicon sleeve for easy pouring.  Simply fill the Takeya tea pitcher with hot water and then screw on the lid once you have placed your favorite tea in the infusion basket.  The clear pitcher makes it easy to see your tea as it brews and helps you know when to pull out the tea infuser for the right strength of tea.   

Takeya Tea Maker small One of my favorite features is that once you have removed the tea infuser and disposed of your tea bags, you can enjoy a cup right away and then keep the remainder hot by zipping up the insulating jacket and turning the lid so it is completely airtight.  As someone who has used numerous teapots throughout the years, I think this insulating jacket and the fact that the lid is airtight is seriously the best thing ever.  Instead of pouring myself a huge bowl of tea and sipping it while it cools, I was able to drink 4 hot cups of tea throughout the morning and afternoon.

And, since I love iced tea and our unpredictable Seattle weather decided to give us a few more days of summer, I was really excited to try the Takeya for iced tea as well.  After letting the tea cool on the counter, I simply put the pitcher into the fridge for a few hours to chill.  When I was ready to enjoy the iced tea, I just poured it over ice and had a great glass of sweet tea simply and easily. 

Takeya Pitcher Infuser small While this isn’t a great option if you want to enjoy your iced tea immediately, it is a perfect system for me since I typically brew it ahead of time.  I found the best part about the Takeya system over other iced tea makers is the airtight lid which keeps out fridge odors and makes your tea taste better for even longer, which any tea lover can appreciate.  Now, if the Seattle sun will cooperate, I’m also looking forward to trying to make sun tea in the Takeya pitcher sometime soon while we enjoy our backyard. 

I love that when you’re all done enjoying your tea, you can easily wash your Takeya Tea Maker in the dishwasher or by hand so it’s ready for more when you are.  The BPA-free AcraGlass doesn’t stain, cloud, or retain odors like other pitchers can, and still looked crystal clear after numerous batches of tea and washes.  I absolutely love the Takeya Tea Maker so much that I am going to be using the pitcher as my main pitcher from now on.  By simply removing the tea infuser basket, the pitcher becomes an extremely practical, dishwasher safe, and airtight container for all of my favorite beverages – hot or cold.     

11100_pour Even if you don’t have a designated tea cabinet or don’t consider yourself a tea connoisseur, the Takeya Tea Maker is the perfect place to start enjoying fresh tea at home.  Stylish, compact, and extremely practical, I know I have found a variety of uses for the Tea Maker in between tea parties as well as making brewing, serving and storing tea easy and convenient.   

Dimensions: 9.25"H x 6"W x 3.88"D  Capacity: 40oz/1.2L


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A big thank you to Takeya USA for sending their Tea Maker to be adored as well as offering a giveaway for our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I also like their Tabletop Pitcher (50oz); very cool and a great design!
    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  2. I like the Takeya Airtight Food Jugs. They’d be great for storing cereal, rice, pasta, brown sugar–anything that you want to keep fresh. The tea maker looks great too! Thanks!

  3. The Takeya Tea Maker is going to make new experience for all the tea fans. I love the method they follow step by step and this is gonna rock.

  4. I’m crazy about tea. This sounds really helpful. Wanna get this right away. Sounds simple and trying different type of tea using bags and leaves is simply marvelous. Nice post.

  5. I voted for you 😀 and your ranking is  I can’t find it. It used to be #9 but it doesn’t look like you’re on there anymore.

  6. I voted for you 😀 and your ranking is  I can’t find it. It used to be #9 but it doesn’t look like you’re on there anymore.

  7. I voted for you 😀 and your ranking is 🙁 I can’t find it. It used to be #9 but it doesn’t look like you’re on there anymore.

  8. I love the 16 oz classic glass water bottle, the silicone sleeve looks great and still allows you to see the water level inside.

  9. I voted for you 😀 and your ranking is 🙁 I can’t find it. It used to be #9 but it doesn’t look like you’re on there anymore.

  10. I wouldn’t mind trying one of the Modern Glass Water Bottle in Ice Pink! When I was a little girl, my mom kept a jar of cold water in the fridge. It was an old glass juice container, and it was the best water ever!
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  11. Voted for You / Rave & Review on Top Baby Blogs where you are currently (10/25) #14 – (let’s see if we can help you break into the Top 10 by 11/4/2010!)

  12. I learned that in addition to being concerned about the environment, Takeya makes an effort to save the consumer money. I like not having to choose between a more ethical product anda cheaper one!

  13. I think the water bottles are really cool and I love the fact they are supporting the fight of breast cancer!

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