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LG has completely changed my mind about what I should put up with while vacuuming by creating what is quite possibly the most technologically advanced vacuum ever, the LG Kompressor LuV300B.  This was evident at first glance with its high-tech good looks and its Riviera Blue finish and became ever more apparent as I discovered what all this amazing machine could do.  With lists of features that make you think that vacuuming honestly might be rocket science and all sorts of clever design elements that make the LG Kompressor beautiful as well as beautifully engineered, it’s really no wonder that we’ve all fallen hard for the LuV300B.  

So, what makes the LG Kompressor different than every other vacuum on the market?  I’m so glad you asked.  You might want to get pen and paper handy – you’re going to need it. 

Unique compression system allows you to pick up more, vacuum less:
LG’s patented Kompressor technology utilizes the world’s first motorized compression system, which works to compact the debris that has collected in the canister while you vacuum.  This allows you to vacuum up substantially more than a traditional vacuum cleaner as well as keep the debris better contained inside the canister for disposal.  

Show_image_in_imgtagdump Since my living room rug is an incredibly thick wool that sheds like crazy, I find that I am constantly vacuuming it, and worse yet, having to empty the vacuum canister halfway through the job to keep it from overflowing.  Unfortunately, I love this rug and am willing to put up with a whole lot to keep it the place where my family gathers at the end of the day.  But, up until last month I didn’t think there was any way around this mid-vacuum break and considered it a labor of love for my beloved wool rug. 

5bd33aa7-7973-4a77-92ba-b3e29eb9465f_400 But now that I’ve found the Kompressor, stopping mid vacuum to dump the collection canister is a thing of the past.  Even though the Kompressor vacuum picks up a surprisingly large amount of debris and wool fiber with each pass, the canister on the vacuum compresses it magically to the point that I can actually vacuum my whole house without having to dump the container – a feat that I never thought would be possible.   

DualForce Technology is an amazing thing:
Fc6a91a9-7881-4511-8290-c7bcfe27faf4_400 Although I must admit that the motorized compression system is what originally sold me on the LG LuV300B, I came to love another feature just as much, if not more so as I used this vacuum around my house.  That feature is affectionately referred to as DualForce suction technology, which actually adds two additional air pathways to pick up dirt and debris from both sides of the vacuum head. 

The DualForce suction means that instead of merely picking up dirt from the center of the vacuum head as most units do, the LG Kompressor vacuums pick up dust and debris over a much greater surface area and from the sides of the powerhead simultaneously.  This allows you to cover your entire floor with less passes and to clean around the edges of the room effectively.

Certified awesomeness:
Us_mark_vacuum_small The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recently certified the LG Kompressor LuV300B asthma and allergy friendly, which is only the second brand of vacuums ever to be awarded this distinction.  This is partly due to a permanent HEPA filter that captures 99.97 percent of allergens such as dust mites and pet dander.  This filter can be removed for you to rinse as needed and therefore doesn’t require replacement. 

The other part of this clean air commitment is the compression system that keeps all the dust, debris, and dirt you pick up contained and incredibly easy to dispose of without having to dig through the vacuum and canister to empty.  When you are ready to empty the canister, you do so simply with a press of a button and the debris drops from the bottom of the canister into the trash.

LG has other products that have been awarded the AAFA asthma and allergy friendly certification including 4 {beautiful} washing machines that are the only units to ever be awarded this coveted certification.  Since I’m absolutely crazy about cleanliness and am in dire need of a washing machine upgrade, I am incredibly excited to check these out and see what a difference certified clean can make!  

Ease of use:
All other upright vacuum companies could learn a thing or twelve from LG about the usefulness of onboard vacuuming tools. Their unique Click ‘N Go wand gives you all sorts of options for expanding your vacuuming potential on the fly.  With the simple push of a button, the magnetic hose, expandable wand and mini turbine unit comes out of the back of the Kompressor vacuum and gives you a small and portable powerhead to manuever into the tiniest of spaces as well as use as a wand, crevice tool and more.

Show_image_in_imgtag Power controls on the handle make turning the unit on as well as switching between settings easy and simple while you go from room to room and even while using the wand attachments.  These RF (radio-frequency) controls allow you to turn the brush roll on and off and change the suction power all while vacuuming, making for smoother transitions from bare floors to carpet and from my beautiful wool rug to our durable wall to wall carpeting.  Since this handle is also the wand, it gives you the ability to change all of these settings as you clean, even if you are 15 feet away from the base of the vavcuum.   

72589b03-3448-4af3-8c35-a460cfbc3e9c_400 While the Kompressor certainly isn’t a lightweight and actually is kind of bulky for a vacuum, its larger back wheels and its manueverability more than make up for its heft.  An incredible 40ft cord allows you to vacuum more without stopping and the Click ‘N Go wand and attachments add an additional 10 – 15 ft to your reach.  This allows me to easily do my whole main floor without having to stop and move electrical outlets as well as allowing me to reach the top of my stairs with the attachments. 

What does all this mean for you? 
Less time running the vacuum over the same areas to make sure you’ve gotten everything, dumping canisters, switching outlets, and messing with wands and attachments means less time is spent cleaning.  Even those of us who drool over the newest advances in vacuum technology don’t want to spend any more time than we absolutely must cleaning our homes, which is why the Kompressor gets a huge seal of approval from all of us here at Rave Central.  

Price: $399.00


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A big thank you to LG for providing the sample for review as well as offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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