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Everyone knows that I love customized and personalized productsWhen those products are made especially for my daughter, well, I just can’t resist.  This is evidenced in the fact that my daughter is only 16 months old and already has 2 murals custom painted just for her.  So, when CuteyBaby contacted me and asked me to do a review of their custom vinyl wall decals, of course I said yes.

Birds-med-av-01-75x300 For a few months now I had been looking for some bird decals that could compliment the family tree wall mural my sister had done in my daughter’s bedroom and hadn’t found anything that looked quite right.  I emailed and asked CuteyBaby if they had any bird designs available, and to my surprise, they offered to create custom bird decals just for us.  They went to work designing a sheet of Feathered Friends as well as doing up a sheet of their Pirate themed decals for the custom painted pirate “scrog pit” that is just off our living room.

As if it wasn’t enough to create a custom sheet just for us, CuteyBaby went the extra step of requesting images and dimensions of the murals so they could design the sheets to scale – talk about wonderful customer service!  When the preliminary designs were complete, I got a picture emailed to me that showed the vinyl decals superimposed into the mural images I had sent.

Within days, I was accepting a tubular package of their rolled decals with excitement and was busy planning where to place them.  The sheet of birds comes in a roll of 40+ bluebirds, robins, orioles, and doves in three different sizes and facing both directions on the sheet for maximum options when placing them in your room.  The pirate themed sheet contains a large pirate ship, island (complete with palm trees, treasure chests, fish bones and more) and then some waves, flags, swords, and a treasure map for guiding your explorer. 

Not only are the finished decals adorable, I was really happy with the heavy weight of the vinyl that the CuteyBaby company uses in their creations, since fragile and kids room are never, ever used in the same sentence.  The CuteyBaby instructions suggest a flat wall or minimal texturing for best adhesion, but they give instructions for applying the decals to walls with minimal to medium contouring.  XPICT1879 Our walls are done with a standard wall texturing, so we knew they might not adhere quite as well as if they were entirely smooth.  We found they actually stuck really well to the wall but were still incredibly easy to peel off and reposition as needed with no marks left on the wall. 

I think that it’s awesome that the CuteyBaby decals are removable since kids are constantly changing their mind and their decorations and it makes it easy to have the art grow with your child and always keep things fresh.  For kids that change rooms often, or are unable to paint their rooms, this is a great and low-cost option for personalizing their space.  Even better, older kids could easily help with the decal placement since they are so easy to use – just peel and stick to the wall!

XPICT1874 Keep in mind that the fact that these decals are peelable means that the really little kids can easily rip them off walls if you let them.  That fact didn’t bother us at all since the decals were going to be placed high enough up in our daughter’s room for them to be unreachable and unpeelable, but definitely keep that in mind if you’re looking for a baby safe decal design.  We did find that she was unable to remove the extra birds we stuck down low to her dresser since the finish is so smooth it adhered completely along all edges.  We still had no problem repositioning them, but her little fingers didn’t stand a chance, and now her dresser looks extra cute.

If you’re looking for temporary or permanent flair for your kid’s room, you should definitely check out CuteyBaby designs and pick one that fits your theme.  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, keep in mind that CuteyBaby welcomes customized orders as well as personalized decals for a minimal fee.

Price: $25 for small 12″ x 29″ sheet of pre-cut wall decals, $49 for a large 12″ x 48″ sheet of pre-cut wall decals

And now for the Giveaway…

One lucky Rave and Review readers will win a set of 12"x48" CuteyBaby vinyl wall decals!  To enter to win the Giveaway, just visit CuteyBaby and comment below with the CuteyBaby design you would like to win.

On December 4th at 11:59pm PST a winner will be drawn, announced here and notified via email

Sorry, this Giveaway is CLOSED!  Nicole has won the Jingle Jangle Decals!

A big thank you to CuteyBaby  for adding the best kind of flair to baby's walls – the removable and repositionable kind!  No type of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. The Jingle Jangle Jungle is the place to be,
    with giraffes and leaves for a child to see…
    And maybe add on, later of course,
    the big cats, elephants and frogs…
    A great source!!!!

  2. I think I’d choose the soft Fairy girls, but I’m going to show the site to a mommy who is doing her nursery in a jungle theme too!

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