Animal Planet Wooden Dino Playland

Any parent who has ever watched their living room slowly become engulfed in kids’ toys knows that the absolute best toys are the ones that are big enough to bring hours of fun and creative play, but then break down compactly when playtime is over.  The Animal Planet Wooden Dino Playland is my favorite pick in this category of building toys, and something that is sure to make your little adventurer’s day.

DinoPlayland The Dinosaur Playland is created by sliding the painted interlocking wooden sections into each other to create three tiers of fun dinosaur play.  The really great thing about the Wooden Dinosaur Playland is that building the playset is almost as fun as actually playing with the completed habitat.  The instructions were easy to follow and the pieces were easy to fit together, but it should be noted that it does have 9 pieces in addition to a fold out mat to set up, so the little ones will need a bit of help. 

The set comes with two plastic dinosaur figures so it’s all ready for play as soon as you put it together.  I had thought that my daughter would most likely repurpose the Dino Playland for use with her large collection of pink and girly figures, but was really surprised by how much she loved the two dinosaurs that came with the set.  In fact, she made everyone give the dinosaurs kisses when she found them in the box and amused us all night by snuggling with the hard plastic dinosaurs as if they were plush.  I guess the reaction was good enough, because now I catch her giving the dinos kisses and hugs all the time when she’s playing with them. 

DinosaursPlayset If she does decide she’s not into dinosaurs, or if someone someday breaks her heart and tells her dinosaurs aren’t really big on kisses, the Dino Playland could easily be used with just about any figures or animals in the toy box.  The graphics on the wooden habitat pieces are designed to look like a prehistoric jungle with rock walls, caves, trees, vines and other vegetation, but aren’t overtly dinosaur specific with the exception of a few small dinos painted into the design.  A little imagination could make the Dinosaur Playland a lion’s den or perhaps a modern day jungle scene and I don’t think anyone would call foul.  However, if you want to expand your dinosaur world, Animal Planet makes numerous other prehistoric sets and dinosaurs to add to the Jurassic Jungle. 

Dino Playland One of my favorite features of the Dinosaur Playland is open-ended aspect and the fact that all the pieces can be configured in multiple different ways.  By piecing the set together based on shape alone, I was able to create over 3 completely different habitats in just a few minutes by disregarding the instructions.  In all fairness, my habitat creations were probably nowhere near as cool as the intended configuration, but that’s never bothered me a bit.  I imagine that a creative kiddo could come up with numerous other designs by either using all the pieces or just utilizing some and could be entertained for hours.  

After we saw the Dino Playland and realized what a great idea it was, we started noticing other wooden playsets in stores and were shocked at their prices.  Even sets that were made of lesser quality wood and thinner pieces were up to three times more expensive.  These other sets were also not nearly as sturdy as the Dinosaur Playland when assembled, and most didn’t come with any figures at all.  Ease of storing, learning while building, quality components and great opportunities for creative play all combine to make the Animal Planet Wooden Dino Playland one of our top picks for 2009. 

Dimensions: 16”L x 13” W x 21.5” H assembled.

Price: $35 ARV, but is on sale for a limited time at Toys R Us for $25

This Giveaway is closed.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to Jamie who has won the Wooden Dino Playset!

A big thank you to Animal Planet for offering their Dinosaur Playland to be reviewed along with this fabulous giveaway to our readers.  No type of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I really like “Animal Cops”. It’s informative, often sad, but they’re finding better homes.
    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. My son loves the animal planet dvds 🙂
    I am trying to collect new toys for a needy family this Christmas and this would be perfect! Thank you!

  3. I have four boys and each and every one of them is a Dinosaur maniac! I would love to win this to give them for Christmas!! My boys love all their shows and I know they’d also love their Discovery Remote Control T-Rex + Prehistoric Park DVD Set. Thanks for the chance!

  4. My favorite toy is the Jump “N Jam Jungle Talking Floor Mat.It looks like it would be fun.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  5. This would be perfect for my son! He love the new “dinosaur train” show on PBS. Our favorite AP show is the crocodile hunter reruns!

  6. We love Meercat Manor, and my little guy would love one of the plush Meercats!

  7. animal cops is the one that we like the most. It breaks my heart to watch it sometimes but I love when they show the animals in their new and loving homes.

  8. We also like The World’s Biggest and Baddest Bugs DVD and the Radio Controlled Tarantula. How fun. My little nephews will have a blast with this dinosaur playset. Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. My favorite Animal Planet toy would be the Dino Magnet Board for my son.
    THank you so much for the chance to win.

  10. I like the Growing Up DVD Collection and Alive Leopard Cub. My daughter is a huge animal lover and would really enjoy that set.

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