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As self-confessed kitchen gadget addicts, hubby and I are always on the lookout for the newest and greatest in cooking gear.  Very rarely does a product come along that absolutely wows us and prompts us to write what just might be the raving-ist review we’ve ever written.  Let’s all mark this date on the calendar as the day that we had virtually nothing bad to say about a product.

Healthy3 I used to think that I loved my metal cookware and was reasonably happy with the way it performed.  Back then I didn’t even know that I could love cookware like I love the Ceramcor Xtrema line.  I know some pans are nicer than others, but I’ve always believed that when it comes down to it, the difference between a really nice pan and an ok one wasn’t that far off.  But then I met Xtrema, the coolest cookware set ever. 

A few years back, we decided to switch to an all-stainless steel cookware set for a number of reasons, but mostly it was because we desired a safer and more durable set that could go from oven to stovetop.  Imagine if we had known back then that a revolutionary set of cookware would soon be on the market that could go from stovetop to oven to broiler to microwave to barbeque grill to tabletop and then to the freezer with ease.

6332_120501143929_120494238929_2290247_3879364_s Yes, you read that correctly – a cookware set you can use on the BBQ or in the microwave.  Made of a high-temperature ceramic with a non-toxic non-stick ceramic surface both inside and out, the Xtrema cookware can withstand temperatures of 2,700 F, which is 500 F past the point at which steel melts, and then still wipe clean at the end of the meal. 

The multi-functional set means that you can thaw, cook and serve a meal all in the same pan, which is great because I am adamantly opposed to using more than one pan per entree.  Before, we would take items from the freezer and put them in a glass dish to microwave and then after they were microwaved we would dump them in a pan to brown before getting out yet another dish to serve the food in.  When you’re talking multiple dishes and sides, the sheer number of pans and dishes dirtied can be absurd.

With the Xtrema set, we put the frozen food in, microwave and then set on the stovetop to cook without worry.  And then once the meal is cooked, we can serve right from the pan – even with metal utensils!  After dinner is over, you can store leftovers in the Xtrema cookware in either the refrigerator or freezer without worry of thermal shock.

Because the high-gloss ceramic glaze is extremely non-stick, the Xtrema Cookware is easy to wipe clean without harsh scrubbing and can even withstand steel wool, the traditional non-stick nemesis.  The Xtrema Cookware is naturally bacteria resistant and contains no trace metals or chemicals that can leach from the cooking surface into your food and no non-stick surface that can peel, warp or scratch.

1_25QT_Food Okay, but how does it cook?  Better than every single set of cookware I have ever tried in my life.  The Xtrema Cookware set has the most efficient heat transfer hubby or I have ever seen, retains heat longer than traditional pans, and allows us to use a lower heat setting than we do normally, all of which saves energy while cooking.

One of the first things we noticed was that the heat spreads out over the entire pan, not just the part directly on the center of the burner.  This reduces hot spots within the pan and actually cooks the food quicker and more evenly, allowing you to get dinner on the table faster than ever before.  Fair warning: the heat transfer of these pans is so efficient that every bit of it gets hot, including the handle and lid, use caution… and a pot holder. 

The Xtrema website explains their revolutionary cooking technology like this: The ceramic material used in all Xtrema cookware has an inert and non-reactive quality that produces a far-infrared heating process that's considered the most effective and beneficial type of heat for all types of cooking. This penetrating heat process cooks food from both the inside and outside at the same time. The end result is the emergence of a full range of subtle and nature flavors, an increase in nutritional value and a more enjoyable eating experience. The overall result is Healthy Cooking = Healthy Eating = Healthy Body.

For those of you looking to go Green, you will be happy to note that the Xtrema Cookware set is environmentally friendly and so much more than Green.  Their patented ceramic material is made from 100% natural ceramic materials and organic water, including the Nano-Glaze™ surface.  The company also reduces its environmental impact by using clean-burning and safe natural gas, which Ceramcor claims is part of their pollution-free process.  As if that’s not enough, they even recycle all their water. 



Price: Prices range from $39.99 to $149.99 and are available at www.ceramcor.com or at the growing list of Xtrema retailersYou can save 15% off entire Xtrema Healthy Ceramic Cookware order by using the coupon code– TW15

Looks: Sleek and simple, yet elegant and fun.

Overall: Stovetop, conventional, microwave or toast oven, broiler, barbeque, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe, which means there is literally nothing this set can’t be used for!

And now for the Giveaway…

One Rave and Review reader will win an Xtrema Tea Potle of their very own! To enter, just visit ceramcor and let me know something cool about the company, the products or something you would love to give this holiday season….  Be sure to check back soon when we review the Xtrema Bakeware line for the 2009 Holiday Gift Guide


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A family-sized thank you to Ceramcor for providing the cookware to be reviewed, one of which we offered up for giveaway to our fabulous readers.  No other type compensation was received for this review.


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266 thoughts on “Xtrema Ceramcor Cookware”

  1. I agree about this fabulous cookware, it is beautiful on top of being great at its job!! My brother is a chef and I would love to get him a few pieces to try and enjoy. The teapot that would be something I would love to have.
    I have done everything thing to enter the in all the ways above except posting your link on a webpage sidebar and blogging about it-dont have a blog.
    *** My first line above is my comment posted, learned from the Ceramcor
    ***I twittered @gardengirl09
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    ***Following you on twitter
    ***Subscribed to rave and review
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    ***shared the love via email cc you.
    ***Fan of Xtrema on Facebook

  2. Hi there! I just became a fan of Xtrema on Facebook a few days ago, which is how I found out about your blog and the giveaway! :o)
    I love the videos on the website that show an aluminum pot melting inside some Xtrema cookware, and then lifting clean away after the Xtrema was immediately plunged into cold water. Talk about non-stick and thermal shock resistant, wow! I also like that is is beautifully designed. I have my eye on their cookware, and will be getting some when I can afford it!
    What I did to gain additional entries:
    * Tweeted (my username is AmyBuchheit) as instructed
    * posted your blog on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/amy.buchheit?ref=profile
    * became a fan of Xtrema on Facebook two days ago, does that count?
    * subscribed to Rave and Review
    * sent the email love to some friends and family (those I thought would be interested), ccing you.
    * Posted on my blog: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=16597193&blogId=515441727
    What I did NOT do:
    * did NOT subscribe to Ceramacor blog due to technical difficulties. :o(
    * place your logo on my website. Having a difficult time with the changes on my server and haven’t gotten my site even close to where I want it …

  3. I would love to give the 3 piece Wok set to hubby for Christmas because he loves to cook and does not have a wok yet. Thanks!

  4. I noticed when reading about the tea products that it said that : 50 Year Warranty against breakage resulting from hot or cold thermal shock. Very impressive.

  5. I read that – Xtremely Healthy Cookware: No Trace Metals or Chemicals Leaching from the Cooking Surface and the Xtrema cooking surface contains no harmful PTFE coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas which can occur with most popular petroleum based non-stick coatings.

  6. My mother-in-law is here and she picked what she’d like for Christmas 🙂 It’s the ” 5.5 Qt Sauce Pot w/ CoverProduct ID #99332 “. We both love the products at the site!

  7. ConEd, the electic utility provider here in NYC, has a series of ads in some of the subway trains suggesting ways to lower energy use. One i noticed yesterday was that using ceramic and glass pots and pans reduces heating time and saves you a considerable amount on the utility bill at the end of the month. Meanwhile, as you’ve pointed out, the quality of the resultant meal doesn’t have to suffer. It’s also great to point out that with the advances in ceramics and glass production, these products are highly resistant to breaking and carry no risk of aluminum ingestion, unlike many Teflon pots and pans. The ingestion of aluminum, of course, has been linked to alzheimers disease in numerous studies. Consider me jealous of your new gear!

  8. I would love to give my mom the 3 Pc 10” Skillet Set for christmas because she really really needs new pans. 🙂

  9. One of my sisters is a cancer survivor. She has been concerned about how she cooks for her family more so since then. She lived in china for 5 yr prior to her diagnosis and she loved chinese food. I would love to get the 3 Pc Wok Set for her.

  10. I learned that their cookware is easy to clean and has a non-scratch surface, something I desperately, desperately, need in my house!
    Thank you for the chance!

  11. I would love to have the 5.5 qt saucepot for my husband. He needs something that can withstand high temps for baking bread and I think this will do the trick.

  12. I learned that the Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool. Impressive!

  13. Cool – I learned that… Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool

  14. I like that you can use this cookware in anything…the broiler, stovetop, microwave, oven, etc. That’s fantastic and highly unusual.

  15. I would give the 3.75 Qt Baking Dish with Cover to my Mom cause shes alway baking something, and Loves to cook!

  16. Their steamer and the wok are my favorites – after the tea potle. I have an unusual love for stove top tea kettles. I’d love to have their entire line! I have Princess House ceramic pots right now and love ’em but after reading about these I know I’d be much happier with this set. My Princess pots seem to burn foods quickly.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. This cookware canot be scratched, that is sometimes how my cookware gets worn out…I think this is just amazing and very safe and healthy!

  18. I like that it enhances the food flavor as once you get older food doesn’t taste as well without a lot of salt or seasonings

  19. I think that the Lasagna to go in 3.75 Qt Baking Dish with Cover looks really nice and i would love to have it to take to family get togethers!!

  20. I visited the site and learned that the Cookware can withstand 2,700 F, Steel can melt at 2,200 F.
    Thanks !!!

  21. What is nice for me is what they use to coat the cookware. I have birds, and have had to forgo Teflon, as it can be deadly to them.If it can do that, it can’t be good for us either.All the Xtrema products look to be very safe, and eco friendly!
    My favorite product is the Steamer 6 Pc. Set.

  22. Thanks for the review. I was just at the Ceramacor site looking at their products and then went trolling the internet for people who had actually used them. My Mom is a big fan of Dr. Mercola. Nice to see that he recommends these products. I’m intrigued.

  23. The thing that I think is very cool about this cookware is that it is so healthy and so durable and versatile. I can do a lot with my stainless but not this much. And I also am using a teflon pan for
    pancakes, which worries me a great deal. I haven’t read yet how Ceramacor does with pancakes but the fact that it heats evenly and works well on low heat bodes well for pancakes. I don’t have the cookware yet, but I hope to get it one of these days.

  24. Just in case my email doesn’t get me entered, I’m entering here for the teapot.
    I love the fact that Ceramcor cookware is healthy, versatile and durable.
    I just subscribed to this page, I am following the Ceramacor blog and I am an Xtrema fan on Facebook.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  25. I just subscribed to your Rave and Review page. I’m looking forward to seeing what other kinds of things you are up to.

  26. I like the 5.5 Sauce Pot w/ Cover. This is cool to know as there is a benefit to this cookware: Unlike metal cookware, there’s never a concern for damage or meltdown of the cooking vessel should the Xtrema product ever accidentally boil dry after being left on a heating element for an extended period of time. This also reduces the risk of stove damage and a potential fire.

  27. Wow, this company is awesome. I like that there are no metals to leach into your food. I also like the beautiful look!

  28. The cooking surface cannot be scratched, and you can use them in the microwave! Cool! Thanks for the giveaway, I have been thinking about a tea kettle since we broke out the hot cocoa mixes!

  29. I learned that this cookware is Xtremely Durable: Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool.

  30. I would love to give the 3.75 Qt Baking Dish with Cover as a gift to my good friend. She’s always cooking/baking and bringing it to parties, so this would be IDEAL for her! I love how it has a lid!!

  31. I read that their Cookware can withstand 2,700 F! (Steel can melt at 2,200 F) That’s amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  32. Xtremely Durable: Cooking Surface can not be Scratched, even by Metal Utensils and Industrial Steel Wool I saved this site for when I have more money

  33. I’ve always considered trading out my stainless steel tea pot for a ceramic one. I’ve always been worried about they cracking under the heat/cold though since I frequently refill and make a second pot while I’m drinking the first. Aparently thats not a problem though, so I would love to have one!

  34. I would like to give the 20 Oz Retro 3 Pc. Tea Set to my daughter. So cool looking
    singermagic1 at yahoo dot com

  35. I learned that the cooking surface of Ceramacor cannot be scratched, even by a scouring pad. Wow! That’s for me!

  36. I learned that “Because the Xtrema material retains heat longer than metal Tea Potles, liquids heated in Xtrema stay hot longer when served.”

  37. I’m obsessed with bakeware that actually lasts….and I’m very impressed with what I see! I like the fact that you can use their bakeware safely and effectively in both the microwave oven and under the broiler. Smart!
    [email protected]

  38. I love that the products are Xtremely Versatile: Oven, Stovetop, Broiler, Freezer, Barbeque Grill, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher and Dining Room Table

  39. i would love to give my best friend, who cooks for me a lot, the Steamer 6 Pc. SetProduct ID #99492 as he and i, are into healthy cooking… this steamer is wonderful

  40. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about trace metals or chemicals leaching from the cooking surface with their products!

  41. Xtremely Healthy Cookware for Healthy Eating has the healthiest and most versatile cookware on the Planet. Xtrema is healthier than any other cookware and they have documented scientific and laboratory testing to prove it. “It is what separates Ceramcor from all of the other cookware companies.”

  42. My sister in law would love teh wok set… she is always stir frying and this would make it sooo much nicer for her.

  43. Thanks for the giveaway…An interesting item I learned about company founder Rich Bergstrom’s experience in the ceramics industry is that “Corning Ware is …marketed today by World Kitchen but the product is now being made of stoneware and not the patented pyro-ceram material that made {the original} Corning Ware so recognizable.”

  44. When I got married, I received as a gift a lovely Corningware teapot with Iris on it. I loved it! We moved into an apartment in Missouri and it was cold, so I would heat water for tea and cocoa, on our electric stove, the first electric stove I’d ever had. Well, one day, I turned on the wrong burner. My teapot was sitting on a back burner, under the burner cover, and they both burned up. Lesson learned. When using an electric stove, always look at the little light to make sure the right burner is on. I never did replace my teapot. When I read on the Xtrema Ceramcor site that their products can withstand 2700 degree temperatures, I knew that their teapot and their other products would always be safe with me. I’d really love to have a complete set.

  45. I love that the cookware can go from the microwave to stovetop to BBQ and then to the freezer! How many other types of cookware can boast that?

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