Here Comes Halloween!

Ah, Halloween… there’s the chocolate, the costumes, the sugar candy, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the corn mazes, the sour candy… what’s not to love about this time of year? 


Unfortunately for little kids, they have to miss out on arguably the best part of Halloween – the ooey gooey sugary candy part.  So, how do you celebrate a holiday that’s aimed almost solely around who can collect the most candy with little ones who really shouldn’t have the candy in the first place?  With toys, of course! 


Some of the coolest Halloween inspired toys and candy alternatives I have seen this year are:


Hasbro's Trick or Tator, Mr. Potato Head is Trick or Treating this year!  As always, he comes with the most adorable accessories – in this case a fabric ghost costume, trick or treating basket, and a selection of spooky features to help all your Tator friends dress up this Halloween.  So many great features to choose from and, with the exception of the Trick or Treating bag, all of them can be creatively mixed and matched all year. $6.99 at Toys “R” Us Stores and other local retailers.

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Hplaydoh Looking for something unique to hand out to your favorite Trick or Treaters?  Play-Doh introduces a Trick or Treat Bag with small cans of Play-Doh in a variety of seasonal colors to hand out to your Halloween guests.  Guaranteed to last longer than their sugar high and perfect for the coming rainy days of winter.  Play-Doh Halloween Trick or Treat Pack contains 20, one-ounce cans all for the low price of $3.99.


Playmobil has the most adorable Halloween sets as well as one of the biggest selection of characters and figures in a variety of costumes.  If you're feeling really creative, you can set up a Playmobil neighborhood and go "Trick or Treating" well after the 31st.  Halloween sets run $5.99, but you can find Playmobil Specials and Add-On Characters for $1.99 and up.



Happy Haunting!!


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