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For one week in January each year, I get a crash course on the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Literally brushing elbows with the upper elite of Hollywood and those who are just breaking in, I try my best to ditch my rural ways and fit in even in the most exclusive events.  There are two things I have learned in my numerous years of hobnobbing with the stars: One is that no one says hobnobbing anymore, even if that’s the most fitting definition of what you’re doing.  The second is that the famous are not afraid of taking risks.  Their jobs require them to stand out from the crowd, and they rely on individuality to make a name for themselves.

Roundup_0000000000007394_image_01 It makes perfect sense why new moms in Hollywood are turning to Pinnington Bags to create one-of-a-kind diaper bags for them and the growing number of Tinseltown starlets.  Even with the abundance of designer diaper bags that have recently entered the market, the Pinnington collection is extraordinary in many ways.  Each Pinnington Bag and detail is handmade, including the coordinating changing pad that comes standard in each of their diaper bags.  Each bag takes over 5 hours to create, and it definitely shows.  There is nothing I appreciate more than a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design with supreme attention to detail and the Pinnington line does not disappoint.  Absolutely nothing about this bag screams “baby”, from the gorgeous designs to the cut velvet on silk and damask.   

Copyofpinn4008 Pinnington pairs delightfully unexpected fabric combinations in surprising patterns to create beautiful works of art that will last far longer than your typical baby bag, and maybe even longer than your entire collection of baby gear combined.  Before I held the gorgeousness that is their bohemian-style Anna diaper bag, I had mistakenly thought that the fabrics would be thick and heavy like royal tapestries, but the really surprising part is how light the bag is.  Even with their lush fabrics, their fully wipeable and spill-proof inner liner, and their coordinating changing pad inside, the bag is extremely light – by far lighter than any of my other bags, which I sure appreciate after I’ve loaded it up with all my abundance of baby gear. 

Their bags are the perfect medium sized diaper bag (22” zipper, 10” high, 6” deep) – bigger than a clutch and smaller than the mammoth diaper bags you find at mass retailers.  Most of you know how much I adore the “less is more” approach to baby gear, but one thing I was completely unprepared for was how much my baby’s needs would change throughout the months as she grew and how the gear I needed for each stage would change so drastically as well.  For over 8 months I got around entirely with a diaper clutch, as a diaper bag seemed ridiculously large to tote around a few diapers, some wipes and my nursing cover. 

But, as baby’s needs have grown to include solid foods and teething toys, I have found that for anything longer than a quick jaunt out of the house I need to be prepared with pureed foods and all the paraphernalia that comes with it.  With all the extra gear, I found myself needing a roomy tote that was capable of handling all of baby’s necessities for an entire day out, all without being too large to maneuver.  Now, if only that bag could be fashionable and lightweight enough to carry all day, I would be smitten.  Pinnington Bags absolutely fills this void and has been indispensable for both baby’s and my gear.

Pinnington Bag small I love how my Pinnington completes an outfit, similar to how my jewelry used to before those became the coolest toys ever for baby and now sit gathering dust in my jewelry box at home.  The luxurious fabrics make me feel a little bit like a movie star, even when I am schlepping the entire contents of the nursery around for a few hours away from home.  Their fabrics are plush and luscious, but also remarkably durable in a way I never imagined silk and velvet to be. 

I’ll be honest, for the first few weeks of carrying the bag, I was exceptionally nervous about it and protected it like I had my newborn – you know, supporting the bottom as I walked, gingerly opening the zipper and being extra cautious of its surroundings.  Okay, my newborn obviously didn’t have a zipper, but you get the point.  A few weeks in and you realize that they are not as delicate as you had thought.  Sure, you don’t set either the bag or a baby in a mud puddle or leave them out in the front yard overnight, but both are surprisingly robust and able to handle more than you think.  Three months into carrying my bag and it still looks as good as new, you’d never know that it has lasted longer than almost every handbag I have ever carried.       

But, if you think the bag is beautiful on the outside, you should see the inside.  The inner lining may be thin and lightweight, but don’t mistake that for flimsy.  Strong and pliable enough to be used solely for the interior pockets, but cuter than any liner I have ever seen.  Seriously cute and makes you think crazy things like wishing the bag was reversible.  Alas, it is not, so the lining is like a secret treat just for you every time you reach for a diaper.  Which, if anyone needs a treat, it’s you as you do diaper duty – again.  But the best part about the interior is that those pockets made of that super cute material rim the entire bag, adding a level of organization that is unprecedented in premium handbags. 

Copyofpinn0808 Yes, that’s right, form and function – and Hollywood good looks to boot.  The pockets are the perfect sizes for holding all baby’s necessities and keeping you organized as you tote it around town.  The coordinating changing pad also fits nicely inside one of the pockets, leaving a whole gaggle of pockets available for whatever else comes your way.  Because you’ll be surprised by all that will come your way – unless, of course you have nannies, personal drivers and a whole team of people to handle life for you, in which case, the Pinnington can be for looks alone.  But, if you’re like the rest of us and actually have to carry your own stuff, you will appreciate all those pockets, how light it is, and the organization Pinnington Bags offer.           

Random Rave:  Their changing pads are amazingly squishable and pliable, which makes them perfect for diaper changes as well as extra cushioning for all sorts of applications.  From padding new parent necessities like cameras and video recorders to makeshift nap mats, you will find dozens of uses for your changing pad even when you’re done diapering.  My favorite find was that it was the perfect size and padding to help baby sit up safely in restaurant high chairs that were much too roomy, but it could also be used in roomy exersaucers, molded seats and more.* 

Order yours at but keep in mind that all the bags are handmade and require 7-10 business days to ship in most cases.

Price: $60 and up for accessory bags and $300 and up for their full diaper bags.  The price point might deter you, but if you are able to splurge, you won’t regret it.

Looks:  High fashion in the increasingly fashionable world of baby couture.

Overall:  You may not live in Hollywood, or anywhere near it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend.

For more premium Diaper Bags, see Belly Dance Maternity's extensive selection.

* All of these uses are not endorsed by Pinnington, or really anyone, for that matter.  We like to get creative, but we always do it with a watchful eye on our baby.  You should, too.

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