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Hello from Seattle! I’m Leanne, a California girl by birth, but a true Seattleite at heart.
I met my husband, Tyler, when I was 16 and I was working on my fine arts degree in Photography. By the time we got married in 2004, we had traveled extensively around the Pacific Northwest and many of the major US cities, as well as a backpacking tour through Europe. Hubby and IThese days you will find us exploring with our three children {girl- age 8, boy- age 6, and toddler girl}. We love jet setting, train travel, road trips, and spending our days in Seattle, the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and beyond. You can follow our family travels here. 11390251_10205854715663508_480078645087055994_n - Copy
A few fun facts about me:
  • I’ve been a self-portrait artist since childhood – well ahead of the digital revolution and before they were called selfies. My method rarely relies on tripods, and usually utilizes creative angles, long limbs, and occasionally a propped up camera with a self timer. My challenge these days is to fit all 5 of us in the frame.
  • I love all things the wrong size. Miniatures are my thing, and I could design and play with mini stuff all day long. Luckily, I have passed this love down to my children and they agree that this is the best way to spend an afternoon at home.
  • Tyler and I are not technically high school sweethearts, even though we went to the same high school and have been dating since our teens. He graduated just days after we met and I went onto the college with him instead of finishing my degree at the high school.
  • Farmer’s markets are my thing. I love handmade, homegrown, and crafted with love. You will find us at markets near and far on our travels, meeting local artists and learning about the areas we visit.
  • Music is a big part of our lives. Whether we are rocking out at home or going to concerts near and far, we never miss an opportunity to catch our favorite artists.
  • My favorite post changes quarterly, but these days I love this post of my kids with their American Girl dolls. I’m most famous for this post with 50+ Things to do on a Trampoline.
About Rave &  Review®
I founded Rave & Review® in 2008 when our first child was born so I could help other parents find the best gear, activities, and resources for their growing families. Tyler, quickly joined the mix, lending a male’s perspective to the site and sharing his video editing mastery.
Rave & Review is where we share our absolute favorite products for parents and kids, as well as travel destinations, and tips and tricks for parenting. From cooking posts to family road trips to DIY crafts , we do it all, and love what we do to help other parents make the most of this fleeting time together. 
Meet the contributors of Rave &  Review® 
Rave & Review® is always expanding! Since our start in 2008, we have added many new reviewers from the Pacific Northwest to help represent other age groups of our readers. 


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Favorite post: Sierra Designs Lightning XT-4 Tent

Katie polaroid b&wFavorite post: Bravado nursing bras – 2 mom’s takeStacey PolaroidFavorite post: Road ID for kids’ safetyBianca polaroid
Favorite post: Rio Soul Shoes

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