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“Giddy Giddy Goodies”

Seriously, kids stuff is getting cuter by the minute.  All day long women with grown kids come up and say “they didn’t have that when my kids were little,” wistfully while checking out what new accessory baby is rocking that day.  Giddy Giddy clips and accessories are some of the cutest of the bunch, and something I am so glad that they did make when my kiddos were little.  Giddy Giddy products are the kind of cute that you just might want if you didn’t have children at all.  Timeless yet trendy designs that aren’t just for babies and toddlers, but rather will last through the years as your children grow.

Pix10 They make a delectable assortment of hair clips that range from flowers to animals to foods, and each one has the same great “no-slip” design that utilizes felt to increase the clip’s traction, even in the thinnest of hair.  I have the world’s second thinnest hair; beat only slightly by my newborn daughter, so I speak from experience when I say that most “no-slip” clips fall far short of what they promise.  Giddy Giddy clips are the first that I wasn’t able to shake free from the teeniest tiniest pinch of hair, and the first that didn’t hurt when pulled out without opening the clip portion, both of which are extremely important when dealing with fine baby hair and her propensity to mess up any sort of hairdo I can create.  I know these clips are for children, but I can’t help it; I love wearing Giddy Giddy clips myself.  They look great, stay in all day, and don’t hurt a bit when baby pulls them out of my hair.  Brilliant.    

GiddyGiddy Clip Holder But, my newest favorite Giddy Giddy product is their clip holders, which solves the dilemma of where to put all their adorable hair clips in the most stylish of ways.  Small and compact, their hand stitched plush clip holders hang on the wall and take up minimal space but add maximum cuteness.   They all have two 20 inch long coordinating ribbons dangling down that you can clip most metal and plastic clips and pins to and are finished by a sewn in “S” hook for all sorts of other accessories.  Since baby has such a large collection of adorable pacifier attachers, we connect hers to her clip holder as well, keeping all of her flair in one spot. 

The clips and holders are hand crafted with layers of felt and are soft and durable, even when faced with baby’s unique ability to destroy lower quality items by finding loose stitching which causes them to unravel prematurely.  Giddy Giddy accessories not only pass the high quality thread test, they pass with extremely high marks since I wasn’t able to find any loose ends at all, even when I enlisted the help of baby’s expertly trained eye. 

Giddy Giddy accessories are the kind of cute that you only wish you could create, complete with stylish designs and high-quality fabrics.  They come in a wide variety of designs and all of them are adorable; the hardest part really will be picking just one.  Which is good, because you’re going to want more than one.

or you can see a list of their retailers here

Price: $8 – $10 for clips, $30 for the holder

Functionality: Great for wearing, great for storing

Looks: In a word, adorable

Overall: 4.5 marks out of 5, losing only a half of a point for price because even I would pay more for designs this cute and practical.

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